I hate HSBC !!!

Well I don’t hate them much but today specially feeling like throwing my phone out of this window along with my credit card.

Calling their customer service for the 3rd time…

The only message i could hear is “Sorry all our phone banking officers are busy, your call is important to us, please continue to hold the line”

Now also she said this message for the 12th time..

and now..”We apologize for keeping you on hold….please call back later…thank you” well that was the 3rd time in a row…

I lost my net banking password and asked them to renew it and damn they sent me new password by post after waiting for 10 days and what now ? I am still not able to login…

Sucks…customer service is bad according to me…account holders have to wait for such a long time…I tried thrice but still couldn’t talk to any person…..all I could hear was voice message….

So if you are thinking of going for HSBC credit card then don’t expect much from their customer service…they won’t pick the phone even if it is 11.30 in the night…



  1. I went into the Summertown, Oxford branch today to ask something about my regular saver account. The manager came out to the help desk and told me to ring up HSBC. She didn’t even bother to check my account on the system. I hope that old hag dies..haha

  2. Guys! Guess HOW HSBC or Chinese Pigs have found new ways to loot Indians?


    This fraud bank announced that their server went down in September and October, 2008 in India and under the veil of the announcement, they did not send any Credit card statement to many customers.

    Next they included Finance charges and Late fee charges for the month of November . They deliberately closed all their service phone lines till December, so that no one can complain. Customers tried writing letters to Mr. K.C Mahesh, but he was busy licking the Chinese bottom.

    HSBC raked in big money this way (multiplied by 15 Lakh customers) via the charges. The idea is to repeat such a occurrence again, tell customers that server is down and make money from slapping fines to uninformed victims.

    Remember these are troubled times and this Bank has taken a beating but is heavily supported by the Chinese government. Save your money folks! They are out to loot us. They looted me and threatened to spoil my ratings.

    This is how they want to make money in India! Chinese Pigs!

  3. They’re an annoying bank. They’re so slimy about how they approach things. Oh we’re doing away with paper statements, you cant have them anymore but we’re doing it for the environment. Come on what crap. You’re doing it because you’re more interested in saving a tiny bit of cash than providing services for your customers dont lie to my face.
    Also they do things like offering new customers much higher interest rates for the same product than their long-term customers. Wow loyalty is being punished, great move you jackasses.
    They screw you with fees, their main advantage one would think is their worldwide banking network. Yet they charge some of the highest fees anywhere for ATM transactions at an HSBC bank overseas. How does that make any sense at all, got to be the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.
    Also they pay for endless advertisements on tv saying how great their rates as they keep lowering them. HSBC simply has a problem with honesty no other way to say it.

  4. HSBC, Lovely people.

    You need to remember that when they charge you that it isn’t someone sitting there personally putting then on your account, It’s automated, Your account goes overdrawn by X amount , automatic £25 charge. (Anything below £10 no longer counts)
    Also £25 per transaction you make over that limit.

    If you don’t have an overdraft then you should be responsible and not go over drawn.

    If you feel you need one then apply for one , and if you dont score for one then there is a reason for that.

    Also, Shouting at the wall or the people on the bank floor is really childish, I been in there and seen people actually screaming at the “Receptionist” and I think to myself , . . Love your about 30 and your throwing more of a tantrum than you 2 year old, sort yourself out , the poor receptionist didn’t charge you , the cashier didn’t charge you the senior services officer didn’t charge you, not even the bank manager , why shout , the more you shout the less willing they are to give the money back to you.

    Grow up !!!


  5. when you do some stupidity like you lost your pincodes or your card just don’t tke things be resolved in screaming …being an irate costumer…as if your not adjusting to the people who are nonetheless just aiming to assist you w/ your problem..try to put yourselves by their shoes…their trying to put their whole self on their hardworks not only that they only aim to be centered to your own concern…but you numbed people out there who knows nothing but to whine and whine and whine…try to breath first and be calm ,,,,coz haven’t you think that being calm can easily solve anything

  6. I hate HSBC. I have no choice but to deal with them as they bought our mortgage recently. Obviously, we have no control over that. They have not cost us any money yet, but they tried. We have always sent two checks (in the same envelope) so we each pay 50%. Very simple. The first month, they said we were late. We’ve never been late. I called and found out it had something to do with sending two checks, but they did confirm we were not late and no late charge would be added. That was our first experience. Since then we have NEVER received our statement in time to include our stub with our payment. We send it and just use the last month’s statement with the date crossed out. I’ve called each month, they claim they have sent our statements.

    Although it has not actually cost us any money yet, I can see how awful this bank is. I wish I could say “no” I don’t want my mortgage to be sold to HSBC. Leave it where it was before. MorEquity was able to handle us writing two checks and sent us our statement on time and deposited our checks very quickly. I guess that’s where HSBC makes money on us. They hold our checks for about two weeks, which means we pay two weeks of additional interest.

    I’m trying to set up an online account. Not easy with HSBC.

    I have several other complaints I could go on about. The bottom line is I hate HSBC. I’ve never said that about other mortgage companies we’ve dealt with.

  7. WHO HATES HBSC AS MUCH AS I DO!!!!!!! Damn suckers!!!!! I HATE HSBC they just screwed me out of $39 late fee. I have paid 7 payments on my card this year sofar. So I pay them on 03/01/2010 ( one day early for March should have paid on 03/02) and they hit me for late charges as they say that was my billing date and the payment went towards the previous month and did not count towards the next months bill. So …sucker me for paying .. what I thought was way before the due date .. which was 03/24 What the hell!!!!! I have been a consitant customer, paying mostly twice a month and early. Damn suckers just lost me as a 5 year customer!!!!! I HATE HSBC …. I hope OBAMA kick their asses!!! I AM FUMING!!!!!!!

  8. I cannot begin to tell u how much I hate HSBC Sri Lanka. HSBC Sri Lanka is nothing but a bunch of crooks who are out to screw you for as much as they can get their hands on, using devious and cunning methods which are absolutely unethical. From what I read here.. it looks like it is a common trait of HSBC global and not just HSBC Sri Lanka. They are blood sucking parasites and I wish they will go out of business one day soon !!

    If I’m not mistaken, I think someone is suing them at the moment ! I hope he gets as much as he can from these crooks !


  10. I hate HSBC because they route their off hours customer service calls to my cell phone. This has happened for 3 years now. I get random calls from HSBC credit card holders at odd hours of the night. They want to make a payment, know their balance, etc. For 2 years I battled them. They tried to fix the problem but it occurs when they are cutting over to off shore call centers, supposedly. Now, I take everyone’s information (account number, address, name, social secutiry number). People just give it to me. I have found little uses for this data, but I have 20 that appear to still be open and active accounts.

  11. i have worked with hsbc for 3 years .. it is really bad banking services

    i advise all the people who accounts with hsbc to close it and open accounts in other local banks

  12. I worked in hsbc in india and i hated the way it worked. Many managers are manipulators and they are supported in this manipulation by the higher management (avp and vp)

  13. made a big missake in opening a joint account with hsbc, brought a sofa on hp, paid money into the account when the hp was due every month, one week went to pay in , only to find it closed for revamp, so got 25 pound charge , they didn,t pay the hp charge, so paided out sod all, but still charge you 25 quid. when i compain to a member of staff, told me he have to talk to head office, it,s not down to me he says,passing the buck. then got made redundant, then the phone calls start, every day,in the end racked up 100 pound in charges, can you borrow the money to pay the charges the man on the phone, no i cant , cheekly bastard, hsbc,are not intrested in your wellfare, the hardship your suffering, only your money. if your thinking of opening a account for son/ daughter, for fucks sake don,t open it with hsbc

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