Microsoft says buy xbox 360 only from India

Well, they are ofcourse saying it indirectly. The simple reason for this is, they do not have any service center in India and for their Indian customers, and they simply replace problematic Xbox system with new one. But they do not replace the console if it has been bought from countries other than India, They ask you to send it to their Australian service center.

I had purchased my XBOX 360 from US in November 2006. It worked well without any problems until it started flashing 3 red lights on my console. I think the problem is with some dust or moisture on the console board or RAM. So, now according to MS, I will have to send it to their Australian service center. And it is going to cost me around Rs. 6,000 for the shipment and customs. (Though my repairs will be under warranty and MS will pay for the return shipment too)

So, in short, MS is trying to say is: Pay Rs. 9,000 for the console in India and buy it. Don’t bother us if you have purchased console from out of India.

I am leaving for Heera Panna (shopping complex kinda thing in Mumbai) to get it repaired. I have decided to give it a shot with local guys as it is not any big issue. I would have surely visited MS service center if they had it in Mumbai. Infact I never would have said no to any extra cost for repairs too. But sending it to Australia just does not make any sense to me.



  1. i have the same problem wht neeraj had sis got the xbox from US which works at 110v but unknowingly i started at 230v without using the converter.
    now its not working. do MS has any service station in US.
    wht should i do can any 1 suggest??

  2. i have the same problem wht neeraj had bro got the xbox from India which works at 110v but unknowingly i started at 230v without using the converter.
    now its not working. do MS has any service station in US.
    wht should i do can any 1 suggest??

  3. i have the same problem wht neeraj had bro got the xbox from India which works at 110v but unknowingly i started at 230v without using the converter.
    now its not working. do MS has any service station in INDIA.
    wht should i do can any 1 suggest??

  4. Should i buy Xbox from UK or go for PS3. research shows me that there are lot of problems in Xbox and i dont wana get into hassle after buying it (XBOX360).

  5. Hello ,

    I bought XBOX from US and now want to play in India. I need a Step down transformer with atleast 550 Watt to run it. Can any one please mail where to get it in Hyderabad India.

    Thanks in Advance

  6. hey guyz…even i faced the same problem …my sis got my xbox 360 from us….and unknowingle i used 240v instead of 110 volts…and bang!!! it blwe up..
    i got a replaced one back ….can someone please help me as to from where can i buy a converter …btw my email is

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  8. Hi,

    I am new here , but i am too from Australia and would like purchase XBOX 360 for my cousin’s son .
    I wrote to Microsoft customer service and below is the reply for the same. Hope it helps.

    “Thank you for writing Xbox Customer Support!

    This e-mail acknowledges our receipt of your message to Xbox Customer Support. We appreciate you taking the time to write us with your concerns and value you as an Xbox customer.

    Thank you for the inquiry and I do apologize for the inconvenience this might have caused you. I understand that you want to purchase a console from Australia & gift it to your cousin who lives in India well I would like to inform you that this consoles are region specific & doesn’t come with international warranty & moreover the games which are available in India will not work with this console because of the regional differences so my suggestion will be not to buy a console from Australia & use in India. ”

    Hope this helps.

    I would like to know what if we buy the xbox from Dubai?



  9. The cost of XBOX 360 in India should be between 15K to 23K, the difference is for the 2 different versions..

  10. Thanks Deep, Is it better if i take it from Dubai or India is the best bet , As it is a gift to my cousin?

  11. If your cousin is in India, I would strongly recommend going for the Indian one.. the only reason for this is, the warranty..

  12. ok ,so u recommend that not even from Dubai.

    I live in Australia and i am coming back for a vacation in nOV 2009 so was thinking of getting it from Australia , but after the response from Microsoft customer service , it is a NO NO , and i am coming via Dubai so my next bet is Dubai?
    what say

  13. I would echo what MS guys said.. it has region based warranty to it’s better to get it from India.. I don’t think the difference will be more than 2-3K.. I had bought one from US and faced major issues.. now I am happy with the Indian one.. trust me, it adds lot of peace of mind..

  14. ok, thanks for the advice appreciated my friend.
    R u from Mumbai, Do you know a good place to get from?

    Also i check the price in Dubai via friend at it is a $
    250 usd.

  15. Yeah, from Mumbai.. get it from Croma, Planet M or Crosswords in Mumbai.. or there might be other stores also selling the same..

  16. ok nice to meet u , we are looking at 16k for Xbox arcade rite.Also which version would u recommend for Kids around 8 and 10 ? thanks

  17. for Kids – WII is cool.. they are gonna reduce the rates to USD 199

    or even PS2 is good.. 6K and cheap stuff

  18. yaar the problem is if i get a ps2 they will think i gave them something cheap mate, hence need to get Xbox ,

  19. Hey guys, i bought my 360 frm US and got the ring of death becuz i pluggd in witout stabilizer. I was ABLE to get it fixed by a electrician who does power supply work. Now tht was a miracle lol. Also, it was in patiala, punjab. Woohoo. Now this happened abt a year ago and since then its been workin fine except due to LIGHT CUTS :( my games get scratched while playin and shutting down due to no light. It takes a couple tries for games to work. But NOW my real problem is i have opened and closed it so many times that the motor that opens the cd tray doesnt work and i need to replace it. Does anybody know wher in delhi i can do this?!?! Plez help and mayb i can help u guys out with ur problems

  20. hi guys
    i got an xbox 360 arcade from north america
    i used an 230-110 volts (1000 watts) step down converter but when i supplied current it blasted (i guess). But i did not switched on the power button on console or controler.
    so what should i do?
    is there any wattage requirements????
    can my console blast without switching its power button?
    if yes then where should i repair it?

    help will be admired

  21. Hi Nilesh, I had the same issue. It must be the power adapter brick that is blasted(you can smell it if u bring it close to your nose).

    I stay in Delhi so I went to Palika bazaar where there are hundreds of shops that have Xbox Power adapter for india voltage requirements. Now my Xbox works perfectly fine. After some use, I had the 3 rings of death problem which too i got fixed @ palika.

    I had purchased my Xbox from US, and its really costly to sent it all the way to US for repair. Firstly it would too long be a period and you might end up paying whole lot. So i suggest you to search local markets in your city first.

  22. at which shop in palika u got ur xbox fixed? i tried shop#2, they kept it for 20 days and now they r saying that they wereunable to fix it.

  23. yeah guys im an amateur but iv managed to wire up my xbox (the elite) and a few for a friends of mine…so outta 5 xboxes i could get 4 to work…im at mumbai and id love to help any of u guys out
    …TILL THEN DO NOT TRY OUT THE TOWEL METHOD its just gonna hustle up ur xbox…mail me at mehan_01….

  24. Neelesh Gothania 09-Jul-2010 at 8:05 pm

    1.Can any buddy tell me where to buy Xbox 360 in india or near kota rajasthan and what it will finally cost me?

    2.i am very good at c# so want to develop games for xbox can you please tell me is it necessary to buy xbox for testing or it is possible with xna studio itself ?

    3. where to download xna studio?

    thanks in advance?
    Neelesh Gothania

  25. anyone can tell me from where to buy new xbox elite slim ( with wifi) in or around delhi ? pls…….

  26. I have got xbox 360 kinect 4gb as a gift but i dont have the receipt of that.So my question is can i take the same xbox to India without having the receipt of the same

  27. hi, i want to buy xbox but i see there’s many problems that people face so i am confused to what to buy ps3 or xbox 360 plz help me to chose best one and also tell there any service to buy via cash on delviery and what the price of new one thanks in advance

  28. hi guys,
    i got myself a xbox360 from canada and need to use it here in Chandigarh.
    Can someone tell me what kind of stepdown adapter i need, what are the voltage change values? i just wana make sure i have the correct voltage set on it before i turn it on so i dont end up blasting/ruining it. Help me out here.
    I would eagerly wait for a reply.
    Thanx Admin

  29. Hello Friends,

    I am from Bangalore. Can anyone suggest is there any ways to repair the power adapter of Xbox 360? I bought it from US. I was using transformer. But my cousin used it without transformer. So I got shorted somewhere I guess. Please help me out in this.

  30. Deep.. Thanks a lot for your suggestion.. But my concern is that, if I get the new adapter in India, will it work with the console which I bought from US???

  31. Yes, it should, from what I understand, the US console will have different voltage power adapter so you need the converter but if you get the power adapter based in India, then you won’t need to put any converter.

    And yea, you will still have to look for NTSC or Region Free games.. PAL won’t work.

  32. Hi, friends, i am from Ahmednagar, near Pune, Maharashtra. My brother from USA gifted me X box and told me about converter. I have purchased one from local market. I onlt attach the power adapter and not the gaming console. but unfortunately it didn’t worked. I found sparking at power adapter and cut down the supply. A burning smell comes from adapter. It’s due to use of improper voltage step down converter. Now, i dont know what to do. Pls guide me whether my adapter burst and where shall i get it fixed / replaced in pune or mumbai and Where? Is there any authorised shops or technician who can guide me. Pls……. Thanks in advance

  33. i got x box 360 250 with kinect from u.s.,now just trying to start this power supply adaptor got short because 230 v what to do

  34. hey guys i got an xbox 360 kinect from US. now i wanna know which converter should i buy to make it work in INDIA. pls smone give me the link for that transformer..
    mine email address is

  35. Suhas 31-May-2011 at 12:49 pm

    Deep.. Thanks a lot for your suggestion.. But my concern is that, if I get the new adapter in India, will it work with the console which I bought from US???

    Hi Suhas,

    Did your XBOX worked with India adapter? Can you please let know, as i too have the same issue…


  36. My, uncle is gifting me a Xbox 360 console +kinect and he had already bought it from USA. And is also going to buy Some games. Since I’m living in india and will be using the Xbox here in india so my question is whether all tha games which are bought in usa would run in india? Please help

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