Vale Music India – Beware of them

If you are lounge / world music lover from India, you must be aware about the music label called Vale Music. They have been in the market since quite sometime. I had bought few CDs from this label earlier, they generally have very good collection of lounge songs, but what they do is kind of shady, they rename the songs and change the artist names and make a complication album out of it. Take example of… Continue reading



Indians on Phoren Land

Frankly speaking, I was planning to write this piece back in January, i.e. the time when I had just returned from my Thailand trip. But it’s never too late and I am back with this piece again.

I am not a frequent traveler but I have heard lot of stories about how Indians are treated in foreign countries or how Indians behave in foreign countries; and my recent Thailand trip proved each and everything right.

I will give you few examples. We had gone to some park in Bangkok, there were good amount of Indians out there. I felt very happy to see our people there but soon this happiness turned into a major disappointment. Continue reading