So, we named her Aarohi

Aarohi – derived from musical term “Aaroham”, meaning, the ascending octave in music. It also means, rising, the one who climbs upward. This meaning is mainly used in mountaineering terms.

Our life is full because of her, she will keep rising and as parents, we will keep watching her with tears of joy in our eyes.

Whenever I look at her, I forget all the sadness and worries. I just keep staring at her and she keeps staring at me. I have never found this happiness in anything else.

I always thank my wife, Megha for her, she went through lot of pain, she still goes through lot of pain, understanding new born kid, keeping herself awake no matter how much tired she is. But apart from all this, she enjoys the parenthood much more than me.




The Angel

Yes, I have become a father. Father of a baby girl. 23rd February, 2014 was the day.

We were basically expecting the delivery to be around end of Feb anyways. The actual due date was on March 11th but generally the baby is ready after 37th week and can come out anytime after that.

Megha felt some pain on 22nd but everything was normal. Not expecting the delivery on the next day. But on 23rd, around 7 AM, she felt water breaking. We rushed to the hospital, doctors confirmed it and then actual process of “waiting” started.

Finally, the wait ended at 3:45 PM, the doctors took her to the labour room and another round of “waiting” started. Finally we got the good news at 7:53 PM.

I really cannot explain this feeling in words, everyone dancing in joy, tears in eyes. Holding baby in my hand for the first time, her eyes open, trying to look through those tiny eyes, blurred or almost no vision and trying understand what’s happening around..

It took good amount of time to believe that the baby I was holding is actually my daughter.

Brought Megha and Baby home on 28th.. the sleepless nights started the very first day. Trying to understand baby’s sleeping patterns and adjust ourselves with it.

BTW, being a parent isn’t a scary thing. It’s just beautiful feeling. Yeah, raising a kid is not a easy job but who said life is going to be easy?

Ok, I need to rush now, the baby is crying..



Rewinding 2013

2013 passed by very quickly. I was looking at my blog and realized that, in whole year, I posted only twice. First post was in January 2013 about recap of the year 2012 and 2nd one was on 3rd November, on Diwali. But I must say, Twitter has spoilt me. 8,000 odd tweets in a year, Yeah, not many tweets but around 20 a day on an average. Not so bad.

So, like every year, let me rewind the year 2013 and see what was good and bad about it.

Finally started taking more interest in accounts, specially after last year’s mess up by accountants and CA. I am still paying for their mistakes. I guess, it’s going to be the last messy accounting year. Everything should be clean and straight forward from now onwards.

Started taking keen interest in Mutual Funds (still not very keen on stocks) and Bitcoin and Litecoin. Keen interest in Forex too. But I do not spend much time on these things, just keep track to understand how things work.

Bought iPad 4. Nah, did not buy iPhone 5S yet. Wasted money on few useless things which I bought online / offline, impulsive purchases.

Made plans go on a short holiday couple of times, had to cancel both the times. In-fact 2nd time, returned from the half way. So Traveling in 2013 was almost none. Wasted money on flight tickets, wasted few hotel stay / food vouchers.

Personal life is going on pretty smoothly. Dad recovered fully from Cancer so everyone is relieved. One of the best friends moved to Hong Kong permanently, so no more late weekend night movies / coffees. Sad but at the same time, very happy for him too.

Work wise, as mentioned last year, ventured into few interesting things. Node.js, Laravel, Backbone.js, Varnish Cache are some of the names which just popped up while writing this post. Tried to get deeper understanding of MySQL and MongoDB. No coding this year for me at all. It was more about management this year. Was lucky to find right people for the work, decent work process in place. Still long way to go but 2013 was a great achievement for me, work wise.

2014 will be the year of automation and smart work. Let’s hope that the efforts pay off well.

And that’s all from me.

Wish you a very Happy New Year. Like always, hope this year brings happiness, joy and hope in your life.



Hey, It’s Diwali

Hey guys, it’s Diwali.. Happy Diwali. Many things to say but I will stick to Diwali this time. Diwali is one of my favorite festivals. It brings lot of happiness and smiles on everyone’s faces. Brightness all around. No restrictions on diet, you have freedom to eat sweets, chocolates and all kind of oily food. Yeah, for foodie like me, all these things bring happiness.

BTW Diwali is also festival which brings hope, gives a new reason to live and enjoy the life. Smile, Joy and Happiness are another way to believe, there is going to be light ahead of the the dark tunnel. You might be going through financial or personal problems but it’s time to take out the “happiness mask” from your closet, wear it and hope for the best. Because, if you do not hope, you won’t have reason to live, reason to believe in the brighter side of the life.

By this message, I will end this post with lots of wishes to you and your family. Enjoy the festival, burst the firecrackers, eat un-healthy food and bring smiles on everyone’s faces. Just don’t be sad, keep some other time for your sadness.

Diwali Wishes from Deep Ganatra




Rewinding – 2012

I really like to rewind things. This helps me to understand the mistakes I have made in the past. It proves to be a great learning experience. Frankly speaking, the mistakes I make never ends and I keep getting hurt due to those mistakes. But I guess, that’s how things work. You make mistake, you learn but yeah, I need to start learning from others’ mistakes, not mine. The time is up. haha

Well, 2012 was not that great. Health wise, dad was in bad shape almost whole year. In fact, he is still in bad shape. Financially, cleared good amount of debt. Ended up taking risk again, lost few lakhs, IT department still undecided about my IT refund. CA messed up with the accounts, got surprise of huge tax liability.

Overall, most of the money was spent in the risk I took + the taxes.

Let’s talk about the good things.

Bought another car (I had bought i20 in Dec 2010) for dad / wife; i10. 27″ Apple Display, iPhone 5.

Work: Shifted main focus to BiteBank (B2). Moved all development work of Web1 to B2 (this was done towards the year end). Web1 manages the hosting accounts and passes on all the development work to B2. Prefer this kind of neat setup so I can manage everything from one place.

One of my very good friends, Ashish saved me from making a big mistake. I will always be very thankful to him for this and everything.

Learnings: Learning wise, the year was pretty good. Apart from learning from the mistakes I made; technology wise, the year was pretty good. Learned CodeIgniter myself (I was running away from it since quite sometime). Managed to build a small but fully optimized app. Frankly speaking, there was nothing much to learn. I just had to put different pieces together and that’s about it. But yeah, loved things like Hooks, Caching, extending core controller, model etc..

2013 is going to be really challenging on every front. Technology wise, the year is going to be really exciting. The thing we are working on is mind blowing. I am just waiting for the day it will go live. I am 100% sure that it will be the best product in the field we are working on. This confidence is based on the way we have planned out the things and the way it’s shaping up.

Working on few other interesting things on Android, iOS, APIs and lot more. I won’t be able to reveal it now but will surely provide details once we go public with these products.

Have few ideas in mind, we might start one of the ideas soon.. I am not sure when but let’s hope to start soon. Don’t want anyone else to start on those ideas.

I am sure 2013 is going to be much better than 2012 on every front.

Like always, Not losing the hope.

Good luck to you guys too.