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  2. Some one whom u met online 28-Aug-2004 at 1:37 am

    Welll deep to tell you something..
    ur image @ the top “whoisdeep”
    doesnt have alt descirption 😀
    he he he jk dude…
    nice work
    good to see u doing well

  3. Hi Deep,

    Took around couple hours to follow the tutorial, hopefully it helps me and btw AllTheWeb & AltaVista have stopped providing submission on thier website, as yahoo is providing them search technology, and incase you want to add ur site there, it re-directs to yahoo url submit site (now registration required).

    Anyway thanks for the awesome tutorial onceagain!


  4. Actually the time has come to update this tutorial, i will update it or may be write fresh one, once I get some time…