Orkut !!!

Orkut is another site by Google (Orkut say it is affiliated with google), this one is friendship site, making friends online but like Gmail, this one is also not open to public i.e. registration is not available yet, but you can get in only if you get invitation from any orkut user, may be you can ask me for invitation (deep [at] I will give you one.. 🙂

I checked few India profiles there…found few good looking girls and sent message to few of them 😉 lol let’s see what happens…

But one thing I didnt like about the site is very slow and shows server error every now and then…
If they can improve there then it can be one of the best site for making friends online…



  1. Kaustubh abhyankar 27-Apr-2006 at 4:26 pm

    Hi All,

    Please send me invitation for Orkut.
    I am kaustubh from India(Pune).No one of my close friend
    is on Orkut.Plz…………

    Thanks and regards,

    Kaustubh Abhyankar

  2. Hi i’m Ashok Barik 4rm IIT Kharagpur India.Can any guy send me an invitation.Plz make it fast.

  3. hello…every1….i’m ragini…..i also want 2 join orkut….can any1 send me an orkut invitation…plzzz.its my request…hope u do it..

  4. hi this is Sagar and my friends told me that orkut is a good comnucation channal but sadanly his computer has out of order so thats why he can,t invite me in orkut…so plz guys i want to join on orkut plz send me invitation i will thankful for u… hope you will do it…bye