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Indiatimes Newsletters !! eh..Don’t ever subscribe to it..they are the real spammers…first of all they never provide unsubscribe link at the bottom of the mail but recently they have started adding it which was kind of God’s Gift for me lol…

I had complained to them about it many times and finally they added it and damn that also does not work…..

When you click on the ubsubscribe will say you are unsubscribed and all bla bla bla…

so you feel Woha..No more crap from Indiatimes haha but you are wrong lol…you still recive newsletters from them…your email address is still present in their mail list…. and the reason ? simple…they dont care about unsubscribed people…they don’t delete anyone…

and if they start deleting ubsubscribed members then their subsribed members will reduced by 50% for sure…haha

so the last way to stop receiving their newsletters is…BLOCK THEM…



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