MSN Messenger 7 Beta

Yes….No mistakes’s MSN Messenger 7 Beta…it is not officially released but you can find it on few sites…

So what’s new in it?

Well lot of improvements compared to version 6 and lot of stuff taken from Yahoo Messenger, features like Nudge (Buzz in Yahoo Messenger), Wink (Audibles in Yahoo Messenger), (View Wink in Action)Deluxe Animated Display Pics (Yahoo’s Animated Avatars) apart from these so called inspired by other messengers thing, new features include…Download Packs(packs include Emoteicons, Display Pictures, Winks, Backgrounds),Activities – using this you can share files, photos, calendars and even connect to pc remotely (Remote Access).

Couple of small things include…now it display unicode characters in MSN Messenger main window (where it displays users and groups), unicode characters include Indian Language Characters (Hindi, Marathi etc..), in earlier version it used to show blank box, display avatars in online notification thingy, added user avatar on top of Messenger window (check the screenshot provided above).

So in short…MSN Messenger 7 is pretty cool but I will suggest wait for Microsoft to officially release it for download… 😀



  1. I tried MSN 7.0 along with Deep, it really rocks a heck and deep forgot to add one thing along with the features.

    * Online Live Radio ( As of Yahoo’s Launch Cast )
    * Gaming in Msgr ( Same as Yahoo has )
    * XBox Live News Feeds !
    * MSN Today Pop Up !

    Really like the feel of it !!!

    All the best Microsoft Dudes !!

  2. Hi Deep,
    I have installed MSN 7.0. But couldn’t use Indain languages under it. Have u used this feature??

  3. Actually i have use indian language (Hindi) in the nick name…and it works fine…

    as far as chatting in indian language, i am not very sure whether u can do that..


  4. Deep,
    I went on the website, but I am unable to copy the stuff back into msn. It does not display in hindi.


  5. i want to install hindi audibles and chinese audibles but i don’t know how to install so pls inform me for the same

  6. i want to install hindi audibles and chinese audibles but i don’t know how to install so pls inform me for the same

  7. hello all i tried to write my name in hindi but it wouldnt work : my name is dipendra and i couldnt put the N and D together any ideas ?

  8. Hello…Friends.. Helloo SHWETA…शà¥Â?वेता .. This is JUNAID… I saw lot of people wants to know how to write their MSN Nick Names or Display names in HINDI… Friends its EASY (may be for me Coz i did) But it will be easy for u too …Hey not only in Hindi You can write in Gujarati,Telugu,Arabic,Urdu,Tamil ….. Here Few Examples..
    आमिर ख़ान …. السلام علیکم …. and ofcus the name of this Site owner दीप….. and for u Shweta… here is ur name in Hindi.. शà¥Â?वेता ..
    If u can read the Hindi Names here on this page jus copy it paste in MSN under Display Names,it will work..(Remeber U need True Type Fonts for this on ur PC. Eg. for Hindi u need MANGAL) . If u cant see in Hindi and u want to know how to write other Names..
    Hey.. Friends Try to Write this using Office Xp .. (Ofcus u need Win XP and Remeber U need True Type Fonts for this on ur PC) Eg. for Hindi u need MANGAL Font with Subset Denangiri.. Here the Way how to Write. Open MS Word and in Insert Tab Click on Symbol.. and Adjust ur ” Font ” and ” Subset ” You will find the Letters of ur Chosen Language jus click on Letter and insert till the name complete…. Now open MSN Messenger and copy that Name and PASTE in MY Display Name… Thats It.. Friends… U can see ur Name in the Language ur Wrote.. 😉 Not only this U can send Msg in own language when Chatting.. I did this.. ( Chatting in own Language will work in Yahoo too ).. So .. Enjoy 🙂 If You find My suggestion Working.. plz let me know, u can drop a e-mail to this id. .. Ok Friends Enjoy.. 😉

  9. im trying to add gujarati to my msn screen name, i can already to hindi and punjabi and all other languaged EXCEPT gujarati.. can someone help?

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