Wanna send Diwali Gifts to India ?

Something for the ones who keep searching for good gifiting sites…

You wish to send Diwali Gifts to your loved ones(Diwali Diyas, Diwali Thalis, Diwali Mithai and Diwali Gifts etc..) but don’t know the good sites, so you go to the google and try to search for Diwali Gifts, you find couple of sites on the top but when you there you find nothing but sites having all useless gifts and without any security certificates…

I have selected some good gifting sites which are in business for more than 4-5 years and trusted by many people…

so let me start my list and tell you why i selected these sites…

1. – These people are in gifting business since 1997, generally people from foreign countries send gifts to india through that site..the site has got verisign certificate and it is very well maintained, rates also quite reasonable, they have special section for Diwali Gifts also you check it here Diwali Special Section, from here you can send gifts to india as as well gifts outside india also. Gift rates include all shipping charges, no need to pay any extra shipping amount.

2. Rediff Shopping – Rediff is very well known name as portal and now they are getting more into gifiting business (i.e. gifts to india),they too have special section for Diwali Diwali Special Page, gift rates do not include shipping charges, you have to pay extra for the shipping charges.

3. Shopping – Shaadi shopping is also very good site for gifts and flowers, again they too have something special for Diwali, you can check it here, Diwali Special Section, Gift rates include all shipping charges.

4. IndiaPlaza – This one is also good site for shopping but it is bit costly compared to other sites, i didnt find any Diwali special pages there (though i did find some Diwali Gifts on their site)

That’s all folks..
I hope this info helps you to decide the right gifting site for you….

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  1. i recently sent comething thru tajonline and it got delivered in time.Also they caleld the recipient and confirmed address etc. Good service !


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