I hate HSBC Part 2 !!!

Woha Finally…someone picked up the phone…

and wanna know what he told me ?

HSBC: “Sir please conact our technical department”

I was like “Dude…? I got here after waiting for almost half an hr and now you are saying contact this and that department ?” then

Me: I said ok…it was not his fault…”Get me to tech dept”

HSBC : Sir, we cannot trasnfer you from here, we will trasnfer to the main menu and from there press *35

Me : I got assurance from him that some human will speak lol, so i said ok…

I am on the main menu, pressed *35 and what i got?

Press 2 to know your last credit card statement…

and then again all that sh! 0 to talk to our customer department…

damn they suck, they couldnt even slove my simple problem !!!

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