I hate HSBC Part 3 !!!

Finally Finally !!! I got proper reply….

Guy said…Sir your problem doesnt seem to be normal, we need to run few queries and fix this up…
You call in the morning and our guys will fix it up…

I said…again I will have to wait for long time, make 5 calls…he said call around 8AM in the morning… lol

So bad….customer service people also know that they don’t have enough staff to handle the customers and still the company is sleeping…

They should really do something about this…


  1. HSBC Member of staff 02-Dec-2004 at 4:55 am

    Hello. Just on the net searching about people’s views of the bank. Found your blog. Interesting views of the company i work for, however a few things are innacurate and outright wrong! You need two pieces of information to access the internet banking, one being your ‘IB’ number, and the following being your passnumber. Don’t get them confused!

  2. Hi,
    Yes i had both with me, the thing was i had lost my password and applied for the new one and i got the new password by Post but when i tried logging in with new password…it did not allow me to login.

    The problem was, they had not ran the query to allow more logins from my Login ID and that’s why it was not allowing me to get in…

    then one guy ran the query and helped me out finally but one thing HSBC India should improve is…they should not keep customers on hold for long time on the phone. 🙂


  3. Jerome Friskin 20-Feb-2007 at 4:13 pm

    I hate HSBC because they play bad internal politics.

    Also they kept promoting the people without encouraging the most cable.

    Thank goodness for the customers

  4. HSBC is the devil. I have never missed a payment, and when I called to ask them to lower my rate, I was informed that I should be ashamed of myself and get my finances together!!! I have never been treated so rudely, or been through so many hurdles. Two messages left with “Customer Service Managers” went unanswered, and when you email them, they refer you back to the customer service number that you had trouble with in the first place. The last time I called, I was told that if I were “FORTUNATE” enough to have a heart attack or stroke, that they could give me a 6 month forebearance. I don’t want a forebearance, I want a reasonable rate!!! RUN AWAY. HSBC is staffed with incompetent, inhuman corporate zombies. They don’t care about customer service, and therefore they certainly don’t care about you!!!

  5. I have been charged twice this year for finance charges on a same-as-cashcredit card payment. Both times I’ve had to FIGHT to have the charges revoked. I received an 18 month no-interest loan, made all minimum payments on time, at 3 months they charged me finance charges, I called a few times and after a bit they saw they were in the wrong and “rectified” the problem, yet here it is 3 months later and THEY DO IT AGAIN. I had to scrounge up the AD from 6 months ago to show that it was 18 months no interest… once again there Customer service is attrocious. Granted tehy finally revoked both finance charges, but they shouldn’t have existed in the first play they are making erroneous charges and WASTING MY TIME.

  6. HSBC loves charging me those $70 service overdraft fees. In fact I received 2 separate ones 2 days apart when I clearly had money in my checking to cover them. So now I have to call again, fight w/ customer service threaten to close my account for them to actually do anything. I think it is time for a new bank.

  7. I cannot understand why a global like HSBC can do like that. their staff sold an life insurance foe me but when I call their call center they know nothing. I really want to kill them

  8. I think you guys, should get a grip of your lives and find a better time instead of calling your bank even in the festive seasons. Members of staff that work on the phone are pressured and get all the shit of yelling customers of their rudeness, when in branches everyone is quiet as they are afraid to speak out loud as they can be heard that they are in debt.

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