Funny Google !!!

I was checking cached page of one of my client’s site (Five Star Dehydration) in google and guess what did i find ?

chck the image..

huh ? still not able to find ?

Well it’s cached date, it shows as 31st Dec 1969… lol
Reason ?

well I too don’t know, I mailed to google and they told me that “We are aware of this bug and our people are working on it, we will fix it soon”


  1. Same problem occured with Neowin a few days back. And some months back on Lycos. It is more to do with systems which crawl the pages to have their dates screwed up… due to a faulty cmos seems to be my guess.

  2. actually if u see the problem is only the the “Supplemental Result”

    Rest are showing proper date…so there might be domething in the algorithm or something which is not taking date for Supplemental Results


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