Microsoft employees using google ??

I was surfing the net and found following article on slashdot.

The article is…”How Company Employees Use The Web” , the article shows stats of some big companies, showing what their employees use to search, what browser, OS they use etc… the stats are generated by site Visitorville

Now the thing which I did not like is, people making fuss of those stats, when you check stats of Microsoft, it will show approx 69% of their employees using Google as search engine, blog on Guardian says, “egg on the face for Microsoft….“. I dont understand what’s big deal in this, Google employees are also use IE 6. No one talked about it…

Now people may argue like, MSN also has search engine they can use MSN, why google? This means MSN Search engine is not good an all, but the short answer will be.. Let MSN search engine come out of Beta stage, let it run for sometime and see the stats…

You can check blog entry by Microsoft employee Alex Barnett here

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