One Dollar Curry & 3 Dollar Ticket

I watched the movie One Dollar Curry last night..The main reason behind this post title “1 Dollar Curry & 3 Dollar Ticket” is; after watching movie I have been thinking that…

If i get a chance, I should buy a cup of curry for $1 (Will get 3 cups for $3) or spend my 3 dollars on movie “1 Dollar Curry” .

Nah, I would definitely buy 3 cups for curry. Hope you got what I meant to say… 😉


Well nothing great in it, In all Desi movies they show that Indian guy trying to earn somehting in US and by saying truth he doesn’t get anything and he lies, earns lot of money….so he keeps on lying to make some more money

And in between that lot of things happen…. Kamasutra Oil, Falling in love with Firangi, Indian girlfriend comes in between, Indian GF falls in love with (or may be more comfortable) Firangi producer, Firangi pal dies…Jail..lot of things…

Nothing great, the only different thing was, Instead of shooting the movie in US they shot in Paris…baki sab same

While watching the movie, I felt like…someone is trying his hands on new camera. The movie had few scenes which made me laugh but only few…

So in short, if you get two choices to spend money, then don’t spend money on watching this movie..


  1. I liked the movie. The acclaimed director Vijay Singh has also made the feature film Jaya Ganga, which got rave reviews, as did this one.

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