I got engaged…

🙁 I too got to know about it today..

Met 2 of my friends today, both said, we heard that you got engaged….

That was kind of news for me (mom had told me same thing few day back)… I was like dude, “Bal vivah (child marriage) is banned in India, lol me only 23” 😉

In our gujju community guys/gals get married at very early age..(I know a person who got married at 19 his wife was 17 0r 18 at that time) and people like to spread rumors….

I don’t know who was that stupid spreading rumors like this but I must say it was real funny….

Btw my search is still going on for that girl…the one with whom I got engaged…haha


  1. Congrats Deep !

    Lemme be the first person to wish you mate, btw we all know you are good @ SEO ( Search Engine Optimisation )

    You have said : Btw my search is still going on for that girl…the one with whom I got engaged…haha

    So better do some good optimisation and try to get a good Babe .. ooops Good Biwi (Guess I am right ?). Anyway man, but still its very early that you get married. But its fun too, sharing something between two, and hope you will be sending us invitation for you Marriage ? hehe 🙂 !

    Congrats Once again, if possible please post some details about the women who you have been engaged with.

    -= Dreamchaser =-

  2. Oh! I read this from my news aggregator and though u really got engaged… so was here to wish you.. but found out the whole story.

    Dreamchaser, Deep doesnt require SE optimization, when theres lots of good quality content in him (read as his good qualities and skills) – he is bound to and will automatically get highest SERPS.


  3. Eek .. I had almost typed a congrates post until I read that post of yours .. 😀 .. Dont worry Deep .. You’ll soooon find her .. And yeah .. Best of wishes for it then .. 🙂 ..

    Take care ..


  4. Hey You are 23. And Have u GF? If no then its good to engage. In this way u cn have atleast one GF.Am I wrong? Ha Ha..

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