Ektaji No more Marriages please

She rules the telivision industry but I still say that please stop showing same stuff…

These days I watch Kyoki Saas bhi kabhi bahu thi…lol (The worst thing I have ever expected to watch on Television)

The reason.. ?

I sit with on lappy in hall i.e. where everyone watches TV….now because of this reason, I have to watch that serial even if I don’t want to…

And for last few days what I have observed is….ekta kapoor likes marriages…

In last 7-8 days I have seen 3 marriages in that serial….(3rd one currently going on)….

First Tulsi daughter marries someone, then karan to gauri and gauri goes to coma and now family wants karan and some female to get married…

So now they are in the temple…and suddenly..karan says..nahi..mein yeh shaadi nahi kar sakta (No, I can’t marry her)….and I say…’s 11 lol

So now this drama will continue tomorrow…females will cry…and finally karan will agree…

Nah….story is not over…

Mihir is seeing a female lol that lawyer…so in few episodes…you may see their marriage….

and after that some other marriage may popup…

So in short…in these kind of serials…. you see marriages, pujas every damn month…they find any damn occasion to celebrate (to waste one episode)

But whatever I say about her..but in the end..she rules the television industry that’s 100% true…


  1. That word ‘LAPPY’ (laptop) is my copyright, I’m gonna sue you for using it. It would be advisible if you keep a box of tissues handy when you watch such serials, incase you need to shed a few tears…if not for the drama content then for the number of marriages and the masalas that these serials are cooked with, as you might need to cry at your plight at the absurdity of the situations shown.

    hic, hic,
    Mandyben! 😉

  2. Jaani..yeh lappy toh ram ke jamane se chali aa rahi hai..

    Lakshman khud use kar raha hai..toh aaj ke jamane wale kya copyright karenege…. 😛

    Yours only
    Lakhi aka Lukcy aka Lakshman aka Deep 😛

  3. Lol
    I h8 her serials so much!!!But my mom luves them (:
    I have also noticed another thing.Whenever the rating of herserial starts dropping,she kills an important character in the story to give the viewers a jolt!

  4. haha no I don’t see it actually but I get to listen to it.. earlier I used to sit in the hall but now I sit in the room but still at 10.30 PM, I can hear all the rona dhona.. coz my mom can’t skip the show haha

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