Google coming up with Internet OS?

You never know what google is upto…I had heard about it few months back but then it was considered as rumor but now again it is in discussion…

I read about it just few minutes back at SE Roundtable.

This is what it says…

I’m calling it an Internet Operating System because it sounds 10x better than what a recent article called Google’s future plans, quoted saying it is a “Web-based thin client-type hosted environment-slash-operating system replacement.” A what? There has been some buzz in the last several months relating to Google’s plans for an operating system that could take on the likes of Microsoft. I reported back last year about Google hiring some of Microsoft’s employees and setting up an office right next door to Microsoft’s Redmond Headquarters in Washington. It seems Microsoft is not the only one that likes temperate weather while coding operating systems.

Read more about it here

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  1. Good News here,

    But lemme tell you something !

    Creating or Developing an OS is not like eating a PIE, its a big task and I am damn sure, Google will surely will not go through the process. A microsoft emplyee joing Google does’nt mean that they are into developing a OS. An OS cannot be developed by just 2 – 5 or even 10.

    You need resource and team to work dedicated. Google may come up with Chotta Chotta stuffs and make us happy, but My opinion would be , there is no chance of bringing up a OS !

    And its not a good way too !

    -= Dreamchaser =-

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