Oh God give them some knowledge..

This is bad….real bad….

Support people at my current ISP are real real real stupid…they don’t even know their stuff…

I have to call them every month asking them to renew the package and after calling them also they need one more call from me once the package is expired…sucks..(most of the time they forget to renew)

Today they crossed the limits….when our package is expired, temporary IP is assigned to our machine (I use PPPOE)…I asked them…package is not renewed…she still kept on saying, No sir we have renewed it…I told her, temporary internal IP is assigned to me so it means package is expired…

she promptly asked me…Internal IP? I was like…damn you guys work for ISP you should know what it is….she did not understand after my repeated tries…she finally gave up and gave the phone to technical person…I explained him..he said account will be expired by 2 PM..

I called them up at 4 PM coz account was still expired…some other female picked up…and then again damn long story…she couldn’t understand a thing….

she said…sir DC++ nahi chalta…(it doesn’t work on LAN but works on Internet..and she is not aware of that)..I said DC++ kahan se aaya ismein? then she said…sir Aouter mein IP daalo (we call it as Router)

I really got fedup..asked her to give it to technical person..and guess what…he was also like her…he asked me to check few settings…i said..dude check your settings..i can use other temporary account here and only mine doesn’t something wrong has to be from your side…

Suddenly…miracle….and it started…they also did not know how but whatever….it started that is more important to…

The main ISP should give some training to these local service providers so they don’t act so stupid..

btw I am using Exatt Net..very good net connection…but the only bad thing is….local service provide…they suck big time…



  1. hi i m living in chembur and using sify .i wanted to know how can iconnect the hub

  2. Guys…This question may have been answered to some extent before But m kinda short of time so posting anyway…
    Point is, m using Tata 128 kbps connection, unlimited… Jus downloaded ODC 5.3.1 and I desperately need to know if DC works with TATA and if it does, are there any TATA HUBS in or around PANCHPAKHADI, THANE (W) and if there are, please do help me wid the connection details…
    Also, I got a Sify Cable that I haven’t been using since a year or two, but perhaps the LAN is still active though the internet isn’t…
    So…please also help me with connection details for SIFY broadband hubs, again in or around PANCHAPAKHADI, THANE (W)
    Help will b deeply appreciated…
    Generous helpers may also mail me on

  3. Please Help
    Please Help
    Please Help
    Please Help
    Please Help
    Please Help
    Please Help
    tell me hub for IN2NET in bhandup area

  4. hey. i m gonna shift to thane in a few weeks. which net connection is the best over there? also is dc++ working in thane? accordingly which connection should i opt for?

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