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I am using American Power Conversion Corp (APC) UPS at home, it was giving me problems for long time so I just went to APC India website, chatted to their support person on Live Chat…

He asked me to provide UPS serial number and model number….I mailed them…next day (Approx 10.30 AM) I got reply from them saying their person will come in a day and replace the battery and in next few hours I got call from that person to confirm my address…he arrived at my place at 6.15 PM same day …finished him work…replaced the battery by 6.45 PM…

Their service was simply superb…till now my best experience with the support department of any company…

Other companies should learn from them….


  1. Dear Sir

    We had purchased an APC inverter but the same has not been functioning properly.
    Complain number:- c1-99-352-4279.

    The engineer had visited on saturday but advised that the company would replace the inverter as it was faulty. Please mail me on of the developments and please contact me on 9235356003 at urgent basis.

    The inverter has been repaired 4 times in a years time but not to our satisfaction.

    We are suffering due to the same. We may go to consumer court if services are not satisfactory.

    Ajay Avasthi

  2. Tim Hedger-Gourlay 06-Jun-2009 at 12:02 pm

    I am amazed to see the positive comments about APC support.
    I’ve been trying to get one of my APC UPS products serviced following a fault since January (5 months now). I’ve kind of given up on getting any intelligent response from APC.
    I started with their website and wasted a lot of time trying to find a phone number to ask for support – gave up on that. The chat with a technician service is not available at weekends and I’m working during the week so that’s no good. So I started an email request and I set out the problem giving serial number, model number, the fault etc very clearly. I have exchanged 10s of emails with them since then but they just keep asking for the same information I’ve already supplied and not answering my questions. I asked in one email “are you reading the emails I’m sending you” didn’t get a reply to that. It felt like I was dealing with someone who had no interest at all in customer support (and that’s borne out by the fact that they’ve just stopped replying to my emails at all) and who couldn’t read.
    One of the worst support experiences I have ever had – which is a shame, because the UPS products themselves are good.

  3. Kindly help/support me. Ihave an APC SMART 1000 having the problem of back up whereas I have already replaced the batteries but the back up problem remains same as it was earlier. It gives only one minute and one beep ,after one minute it already shows the overload/no battery/internalfault/bypass leds glown.
    Please help me technically cause what will be the remedies and I wish the addres of apc agency in malda (west bengal) or near wards regards

  4. This is govind raju iam your custmer i have some problem regarding apc 800VA inverter ups s/n: BB0802009933 this inverter not working. Could you send your service technician. My cell no: 9848463233

    Thanks & Regards,
    K.Govind Raju,
    Rajahmundry A.P.

  5. dear all

    iam having 2kva apc ups at my office,it’s under warranty it’s not working now,means it’s not powering on.i want to register a complaint in APC.but i don’t know their contact details,if anybody of you have please send me thecontact details

  6. I experienced similar service in computers too, bought mine from MakeMyComputer, right from buying the machine to getting it serviced if necessary, everything is transparent and efficient.

    They are quick to resolve issues, mine had a issue with the dvd burner, pulled it out with a pin and stuck it for good, the guy at the online support asked me what the issue was, and the serviceman stepped in within 2 hours, the best part is he bought a new drive along.

    No questions asked, checked the old one in a minute & just replaced it with the new one.

  7. sir,
    i have purchase an apc ups from Real computers in pune on march 2006 and now my ups is giving problem.

  8. sir,
    i have purchase an apc ups from Real computers in Lucknow on march 2006 and now my ups is giving problem.

  9. required at Kolkata 1no servo stabiliser 3 KVA & UPS 3 KVA online 30 min back up. Quote as per DGS&D rate

  10. shib shankar ray 23-Oct-2010 at 12:06 pm

    I am using APC UPS 1000 VA, model no. BR1000-IN Serial no.:-BB0944001019 purchased date 09/04/2010, in my P4 office PC, it was giving me trouble from the time of purchase It giving only 12 to 15 min Backup with 112 watt load afte 10 to 12 hour charging Please see the matter and take necessary action to solve the problem …

  11. Dear Sir,

    iam having apc ups at my office,it’s under warranty it’s not working now,means it’s not powering on.i want to register a complaint in APC.but i don’t know their contact details,if anybody of you have please send me thecontact details


  12. For those who need APC service support, please contact them at 1-800-4254-877/272(toll free)

  13. my ups 850 va is not working properly. if the warranty period has been expired, can you help? please suggest my ph 9466072426

  14. i am g.n from srinagar i was using a 3kva ups of apc. But that needs to b repair. I am not finding any service centre nearby plz help me out. I am from j&k my no.09797016223

  15. my apc inverter is not function propleryl , complaint lodged but no response

    contact me on 9890085175

  16. Dr.K.Bijukumar 22-Jul-2011 at 10:59 pm

    I have purchased a 800 va invertor from Trivandrum.But after one year I received a number of calls from Noida for the AMC.After having talks with the person,Iam not remembering his name I took a DD for Rs.2500/- for the AMC of my invertor through ICICI Bank in the month of April 2011.I have received the reply as the payment received.But till today I have not received any document or receipt regarding that.I had called the many times to the number from which it was demanding the AMC contract(No.+919716563851).But I have not received any clear reply from that part.The time for the battery check up for my invertor is due.Hence I am totally disatisfied with the business with APC.If it goes like this Ican at least stop ten customers from buying your produt as I have referred a number of customers after buying this.So I expect a positive reply from you at the earliest.
    Thanking you

    Madhavam,T.C 17/1409(5)

  17. Santosh Kumar Rout 10-Aug-2011 at 4:18 pm

    Dear Sir,
    We had purchased one Apc 600VaUps on 25.12.2010 from Nigam Systems and services Jaj Pur road Odisha.It was out of order on April 2011.WE lodge a complain and it had been replaced in April2011. Now the second one is out of order and not containing power for 2 minutes.Kindly replace the same.

  18. I had been chasing the APC service personnel for last 4 months with no proper resolution. They came, charged me and changed the battery twice in a span of 4 months and still it doesn’t work. Now when I call the service personnel, they don’t respond. They even closed the ticket without resolving the issue. Pathetic product, pathetic service and moreover you pay for it. APC please get out of business.

  19. Bimal Kumar Dash 01-Nov-2011 at 8:02 am

    Dear Sir,
    I have purchased one Apc 1000VA 230V Ups on 21.07.2010 from Magno Compu-Tech, Bhubaneswar, Odisha.It was out of order on had been replaced in 18.05.2011. My Old Sl. No. is – JB1020009179 & 2nd Sl. No. is – BB0832007187. Now the second one is out of order and not containing power for 10 minutes.Kindly replace the same.


  20. my 2 pc ups i bought in 2012 but they only have 5 minutes backup. kindky do us favour and give us service

  21. sandeep agarwal 08-Aug-2012 at 10:41 am

    brought apc ups 5 month back from market within warranty period once repaired by company but again same back up problem what to do , please suggest

  22. Vinay Kumar Jain 20-Sep-2012 at 2:45 pm

    I don’t understand whoever gave a positive feedback on APC’s UPS service….. their’s is worst than the worst local companies here. I had a 5kVA online UPS model: SURT5000UX1, which conked off without any plausible reason; unfortunately just a day after expiry of AMC. Now the prices quoted by them for repairs are over 40-50% of original price; the AMC is extra at another 20%+ pricing. The ridiculous thing is that AMC starts the day you log in but is effective only after 45-days, ie, effectively APC is covering the AMC only for 10.5 months.

    What a way of dadagiri; can anybody rein them

  23. i have apc ups of model 850sine and have trip problem. inspite of several visit by service engineer and once sending to their service centre, the problem did not solved. it is under amc. after amc paynment made, the customer care team is not even sending service engineer to rectify the problem. my complaint is about 2 weeks old but no body turned. pls do the needfull immediately

  24. Dear Friends……This is amazing to read seems like fairy tale that APC products are attended by service center………… I think all the users of APC products are facing more of less the problems of not attending their local service provider including me as i seen on other forums also where loads of complaints are appears unattended. APC have loose their credentials due to their appointed dealers who are good for nothing then worst. APC shall now look into the situation as this will to lead to make prosperous other local companies who are far far better then it.

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