Beware of Aditya Infotech

If you are thinking of buying Web Space, Domain Names, SEO Service or any damn web related thing then please make sure that the company you are buying from is not Aditya Infotech aka Netlink Solutions India aka Easy2Source

I had very bad experience with them, they had designed website for one of my clients….client had also purchased domain name and web space from them. This client wanted to redo his website so he contacted me….he also wanted to host his site on my server and get his domain transferred

I checked my client’s site, found that on each and every page there were links going to and on one page they had’s banner also…(with at least 10 different links going to different directory pages)

Client was totally unaware of this…I informed him about it….I explained the client everything in detail…he got rough idea of what was happening with his site….

Now the problems started…

Client asked them to give domain control panel login and password…first they refused it…they asked him to pay Rs. 1,000 to get domain control panel login details….

After calling them few times, he finally got domain login details, I checked the domain control panel to unlock the domain name…but there was no option to do it from there….

We asked Aditya Infotech to unlock the domain name but they did not unlock it….we both got fed up with them…client had almost lost hope for the domain name…he had decided that he will buy new domain and let them keep the old one….

But I did not agree, I decided to contact the main company (OnlineNIC) and ask them to unlock it….

OnlineNIC asked Aditya Infotech to unlock the domain but nothing happened, this continued couple of times, finally they sent the company final notice saying…if you fail to unlock it…we will take care of the client….

And guess what….they replied…a guy named Himanshu Modi replied saying…what domain name? It is our domain name….how can we unlock it if anyone asks us to unlock….

I was shocked….I knew something like this could happen….I checked whois of the domain name…and found that they had changed all the details to their names and addresses without our permission….

So now what? I had nothing to show them as a proof….

I went to DNS Stuff website and managed to get cached whois records of the domain name which clearly said that…the domain belonged to my client….

I mailed the screenshot to Himanshu as well as to OnlineNIC….

That was not enough to prove that the domain was my client’s….I asked them (OnlineNIC) to check the website which had client’s contact details and the email which was present in whois records…

Still not enough….they asked me to mail scanned copy of the invoice we had received from Aditya Infotech…..

I mailed them…..and with great help of support team of OnlineNIC…I got the domain control panel details and got it unlocked…

Transferred the domain name, shifted the site to my server…and damn this is real bad….

I checked the code of all the pages, every page had email address of my client….so they had done their cheap tactics there also….in mailto: link BCC was their email address…

So they were getting copies of all the customer emails…

I did not expect any company to do such bad & cheap things…

I cleaned the code…now site, domain is in my client’s total control…. 🙂

So beware of this company…never buy anything from them…even if they are giving you for free then also do not go for it….



  1. Well 🙂

    This is not a strange thing for me. Lots of companies now doing this. This is not at all ethicle and consumers shoil avoid choosing services from people like that.

    Website Owners should get themselves more educated and believe that a website is not only there showcase to world wide web, but an important online identity and a valuable brand.

    I also have the cases that they are sending unsolicited email offers to every one. I recieve offers at all of my ID’s 🙂

  2. This Aditya Infotech are bastards they do this to everybody even to me. Their owner Minesh Modi abuses on the phone does not know how to talk to customers. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY

  3. My experience has been perfectly OK. Whatever they had promised, they have delivered it and have been continuosly monitoring the progress / enquiries through website.



  4. Hi Tushar,
    Great, nice that you have not faced any bad exp. with them..if they have improved then nothing like that 🙂


  5. Hi Tushar n Deep,
    If they bastered are not capable to pay salary to its employees, how the hell they will talk patiently to its clients or will serve better.

    they are a chindi chor log.


  6. Thats what separates us from Aditya Infotech aka Netlink Solutions India aka Easy2Source 😆 These cheap tricks give them short term gains, but in the long run, they will find it difficult to retain existing clients or get new ones.

    For once, I agree with a saying popularised by one of the Service Tax ads “Honesty is the best policy” 🙂

  7. Hi,
    This is Minesh from Aditya Infotech a division of Netlink Solutions (India) Ltd, a Bombay Stock Exchange listed Public Limited Company.
    Today one of my client has drawn my attetion towards this page, so I am replying to you all. I fail to understand why Mr. Deep is hiding his identiity if he is just and right. He has not revealed anything about his company or the client’s name on whose behalf he was in touch with my company. I understand from his language that how uneducated and an illmannered person he is. Languge used by him is too harsh and abusive which I feel is not accepted in good society. Secondly being in the same business it is always easy to write any bad thing for someone who is leader in the field. We never care for this type of wrong and irrelevant people since they have no value. I openly invite everyone to verify the false claims made by this unknown man. We are a responsible company. Our market capital is more than 300 million rupees. You can understand that this type of big company will never do this type of work for any amount.
    I once again request all of you to behave in good fashion. This type of language shows your culture which in future might harm you in getting new & good business.
    You can call me personally on my cell. My cell no. is )9821460017.
    Hope to hear something from all of you.

    Best regards.

    Minesh Modi
    Wholetime director
    Netlink Solutions (India) Ltd.

  8. btw some more research…
    I totally agree that your company is good and that is why its shares are being sold at Rs. 3.21 paise..

    Some more details about the company here and here

    Let me answer your other questions….

    Secondly being in the same business it is always easy to write any bad thing for someone who is leader in the field. We never care for this type of wrong and irrelevant people since they have no value.

    This blog is not at all related to my business, I do not promote my business here, its just that you guys do so much bad things to non tech savy people…

    Wanna see some proof? here we go….

    Search for mails on Mar 14, 2005 in the mailbox of Himanshu

    I guess that will tell you the story if you are not aware of it….

    So next time, before commenting anything like this, do the home work properly…


  9. I don’t know who is Mr. deep. But sure he cares too much for our company. I think he is not aware of any thing. Stock prices were Rs. 3.21 at that time because our company announced 2 shares bonus for every 1 share held & it was spilt into Rs. 1 paid up. Highest price for shares were Rs. 212 cum bonus cum split. If you want see our company’s financial strength than refer to website where you can find our balancesheet.

  10. Mr. Modi, I guess last post of Mr. Deep is of 28-Mar-2006. Why did it take you more than 3 months to come and reply to it?

    Secondly, lets forget about the financial status of your company. Glad to know your company has great financial strength!

    But what about These are pretty serious allegations!! He seems to have some proof of what he is saying!! What about that? Lets hear something on it from you.

  11. I was late in reply since I don’t refer all this on day to day basis. When we have such a big list of clients some may have problems with us. This is what you listen from one side but there is always another side of every question. We never answer to this type of blogs because we have lots of work to do besides replying to this type of questions. If we have done any thing wrong with any one he/she can go to court of law.
    People even say that our p.m.or f.m. is wrong. People have all the rights to express their views we respect them but don’t require to answer them.
    Anyways if any one is unhappy with us they are free to take their account back from us. I think that being a alert and educated citizen you be polite in expressing your views rather using abuse.
    All the best to unknown guys.
    Best regards.

    Minesh Modi
    Netlink Solutions (India) Ltd

  12. Minesh, you should understand that, no one is abusing you or your company here. It is a feedback from a customer whom you guys tried to “blackmail” just because he did not know much about technology.

    What ethics are there to ask Rs. 1,000 or any amount extra to unlock / transfer the domain?

    In your reply, you mentioned that if customer is not happy he is free to move, but how can you expect a customer to move their domain if registrar has locked it?

    About going to the court, you and me, we both know how our law is. So no point in going to the court.

    Anyways, to sum it up, no matter whatever you try to prove, whatver your company did was totally wrong.

    One more thing I failed to understand that, in your last reply, you said, your company does not reply to these kind of blogs then how come you got time to reply here? Work is the first priority and it should always remain right? Customer feedback is not important at all.


  13. Nice Blog Deep, I was employee of this company some years ago. I am no revealing my identity here as you are right, Director of this company doesn’t know to talk in a good language. Moreover, he thinks he is the best. In addition, can be abusive to anyone any time.LOL here he speaks about language. Above all, I too had real bad experience. You are right they are into this business from past some years but they are highly unprofessional. They treat their employee as factory labour.they only believes in ruling people. Moreover, I know how they treat their client also. When u keeps paying money u have promise to them without asking result. You are good. The day u asks them to show you the result and don’t pay them if they fail then u r too bad. Or else by any chance if u wants to withdraw your service with this company they will definitely make your life hell. As I TOTALLY AGREE WITH WHAT MR. DEEP HAS TO SAY. HE IS ABSOLUTELY RIGHT. AS THERE ARE MANY SUCH EXAMPLES YOU WILL FIND.I would surely say that be very careful when u deal with this company for any kind of services. Or else u will have tough time.

    In addition, I can assume some of the employee will have tough time after they read this.

  14. Hi Deep,

    You are absolutely right, this company is a jerk, working with no sense. They don’t even know how to talk to customers. When they want a new customer, they talk very nicely and politely and once the customer registers with them, then they show their real face they become the worse. Their technical support is ridiculous, they don’t understand wht do you mean by smtp wht do you mean by DNS. it seems taht the company is being run by some hawkers.
    I request all the people to be very very carful of the company please check the names mentioned by Mr. Deep. Please save your self from being trapped into the big mess.

  15. Hey dude,

    I came to know about this blog through surfer, well I am fortunate to have found this blog, Because I was going to take services from these people. But halted my self. Thanks to Deep, xemployee and all you people. For xemployee, I feel sorry for you and wish you get a good job in a good company where you can progress well.

    Well to begin the real story, After reading this blog, I went on asking for my freinds who are in the business of web hosting and I found out this is one of the worst companies who don’t even have the respect for their clients, (My freind was among one of their recent clients) Also I came to know that these people provide the hosting controller control panel which is one of the most outdated control panels and they themselves don’t know how to operate it. This a ridiculous. I understand, that this a big company, but with this kind of attitude you are sure to suffer. Also if they think they can grow ahead by doing these cheap acts, thats a cheap hawker thinking. And same as surfer mentioned, All people please save yourself from being trapped.

  16. Hey Deep,

    Sorry If I am being too loud. Just one suggestion for you. I would suggest you implement the, digg, reddit, facebook, bluemark, adaptiveBlue, addthis and other such social bookmarking websites Links on your website, So that we can spread the awareness. You can visit this URL for more social bookmarking websites:

    Thank you

  17. I just hit this page while searching something else but i found the story similar to mine. my provider was even worst he looted me about Rs.10k. beware of NIWELL.COM
    this guy wont be able to satisfy even a basic user like me. He acts as psycho if you complain about anything or ask for support.

  18. I bet its all these indian companies around giving hosting a bad name. I’m not saying that all Indians are bad, but the ones who con us out of everything are. I just think it’s appauling

  19. Now a days it became a trend to badmouth on the internet to spoil name of companies or individuals by people with vested interests. Most of these bad comments are posted by competitors and by few errant customers who feels that they they get all the rights in the world by paying couple of dollars.

    I request you all who are involved in badmouthing that please do not run for the cheapest service. You cannot expect to get a BMW car at 1$.

  20. OK , guys, I am an existing client of this company. To tell you the truth, in three years i have had one bad experience of being spoken to very indecently by someone from the company whose name i dont know now cos it was a long time back.I was later told that he was “Boss” which boss i donot know. But the employees that i deal with on more or less regular basis have been amazingly helpful and knowledgeable.Much as i understand they have given me complete control of the website and what more would you want to know.I know that i am paying a lot more to them than the existing market rates and may be i will even negotiate it this time around but honestly much as i understand i donot forsee any problems with any locks or such things if i want to move out as a client.

  21. Hi Pankaj,

    Can you share the site that you host with the company?

    It is rather unfortunate that “MR. BOSS” spoke to you indecently. Mr. Modi was talking about (supposedly) indecent language used by Deep in his post. Probably he needs to first get his own house in order. I hope “MR. BOSS” isn’t Mr. Modi himself!

    What stands out here is that despite providing URL of the site and willingness to show proof about the mis-conduct of Aditya Infotech, Mr. Modi has disappeared after entering the discussion. If he ever comes back to comment here, he is very likely to talk about lack of time and insignificance of this blog.

    But that doesn’t auger too well for the reputation of his company or inspire confidence in their conduct. It looks as if he ran away when proof was offerred! Prove me wrong Mr. Modi, howsoever insignificant I may be. Reputation of your company shouldn’t be insignificant to you!

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