SEO in India

I wanted to write about this for a long time but today I got some time so thought, will write something on this…

Let’s cut the crap..and come directly on the point…

It sucks…but still it works 😀

The reason?

Google is weak, too weak….google needs links from different IPs and they give that….

I have seen many Indian SEO guys jumping here and there to get top listing and they are succeeding also…but the only thing lacks is “Ethics“, I have seen many SEO companies in India, they are involved in doing dirty tricks like

using client’s site for link building (without taking permission),
using hidden text on the page,
creating MANY fake sites, blogs, posting duplicate content and linking each site to other,
creating fake directories etc…

No one is involved in “Genuineâ€? SEO tricks, no one cares about ethics…

Few minutes back only, I noticed a site providing Web Hosting, Web Promotion etc…with many FAKE blogs, sites and all are linking to each other…(most of them are on different IPs, one on blogspot too)

They have one forum also which has all ripped stuff from net…..

This is only one example, there are many companies in India doing SEO, most of them have trade, export directory….have paid listing…ask people to pay to get listed and they even provide SEO services for them…..

They ask client to pay some amount and tell them that their site will be get listed on top in a month…..(we will submit the site to 10,000 search engines, 100s of directories and all that shit)

Damn, all they do is, add one page on their site itself about client’s company and since their main directory is listed well in google and has lot of static pages (mod_rewrite) so google crawls their site almost daily and the new pages get listed easily….

So what’s the catch?

Customer’s site is never get listed, only that page which belongs to SEO company gets listed and comes on top…..

So this is how they cheat customers

Since their customers are small or medium size businessmen so they do not know about all these stuff… this is how most of the SEO companies in India work….


  1. Dear mr. deep,

    It’s excellent blog.

    I want suggetion regarding one of spammer based in Gujarat India. He is creates lots of spam blogs and listing to achieve rankings.

    Currently he is create so many blogs, see is some of blogs and listing

    Name : Devang Barot

    Websites : – this website direct copied from one of well known seo.

    Other websites and blogs

    Day by day is open new blogs with diffrent ID.

    How to stop this spamming issues, because it’s create bad impression of SEO Industries India.

  2. I hope you not are the same guy lol anyways just to let you know…

    links provided in the comment wont be counted 😀 rel=’nofollow’

    I hope you got what I meant…


  3. hmmm….

    why not you drop me the URL of there site 😉 Very much curious only.
    As far as I know google never forgive any one, You must have noticed template monster’s site which is penalized due to duplicate contents. They have a premade storefront for there resellers which display the templates from there site in reseller’s branded website, treated as duplicate contents 🙁 Its surprising !!

  4. I removed his URL arun 😉
    He had posted 5-6 of his site urls….

    so i thought its better if we can avoid free advertising here hahah


  5. I have spam karma already installed but I did not add these fools as spammers but I guess now I will have to do it…

  6. I was going through the above article, interesting.

    The only thing that you guys fail to understand is what is ethics on SEO? Google makes money from other’s content, it doesn’t pay a part of the adsense revenue, it has its own way of deciding and ranking pages but it is still based on content which it doesn’t own. Infact it penalizes based on its own rules which are mistakenly taken as ethics, remember that any search engine is only interested to show results which will bring back people and in turn fetch them ad revenue, so its Business for them. I fail to understand why google is taken as a standard for ethics?? Infact they should be listing some NGOs, Charity etc etc, atleast in some percentage of results??.. coz they can reach the masses….they don’t do that….all everybody cares about is business…including search engines. “Ethical SEO” is a paradoxical term, its just a question of getting better of the behavior of a Search Engine, ofcourse the search engine still reserves the right and power to delist any url. And

  7. Hi,
    Actually what meant by ethics was not usage of methods like fake doorway pages, fake redirects etc…

    I consider google as main because rest of the search engines are not as powerful and they still allow lot of spam and getting listed there is just damn simple…

    And I think google allows charity organizations to advertise on Adwords for free or something….


  8. That doesn’t make it a benchmark for dictating what ethics is, you create content or crosslinks or a network or website in your own capacity….why do people get frustrated when they see that…simply because they want to take a stand against somebody who is perhaps fooling the search engine to get higher ranking…but remember he is ready to pay the price if google or somebody else delists it manually…so there is no such thing as ethical SEO. There is no debate that google is indeed the best till date but then it shouldn’t influence so much to coin terms like ethical SEO, infact if you would track adwords costing, you would be amazed to see how costly it has become now…with the new technique that they’ve put in…free adwords…no way

  9. I would call those things as non-ethical but yes, different people have different thinking and everyone has right to think in their own way..

    About adwords, yes it has become very costly now, I am paying Rs.100+ for one of my client’s keywords…and still it is less..I might have to make it Rs.200 per click soon…


  10. Seems like the google factor has gone too heavily in the head. Its your site you do what you want and what others don’t like they can simply delete. In any case, running a blog to complement your SEO isn;t much different either….otherwise why should links such as those on ur blog should figure out here??

  11. Actually I won’t call this blog as specially created SEO because the ones who read stuff here knows what I post and why I post it..

    About links on right..Yes..those are my clients / friends and I do not see anything wrong in putting them here..

    I don’t believe increating fake blogs for SEO purpose with keywords stuffed…like I mentioned many Indian or non-indian companies start blog just for SEO with lame content or say copied content…so this doesn’t make any sense..

    I hope that makes the things clear…


  12. Well then SEO as a service itself is unethical, you do something to influence search engine rankings, somebody else does it his own way, where do you draw the line? Because with offering SEO as a service you are actually depriving the websites a chance to be visible on the search engines simply because you know slightly better how google behaves?? The spammers as you call them go a step further because google cannot distinguish what you call “unethical” from “ethical” tricks?? My purpose is not to debate here with Deep, but to present people with the fact that google is not god, its only business, because it doesn’t have enough technology to distinguish practices which can heavily tilt the rankings in someone’s favour, terms like ethical SEO etc have come up and it requires manual assistance. Google indexes according to its own will and style on websites created by people without giving the search engine an explicit authorization to index the website in the first place ( ofcourse you can avoid that with techniques but why should I bother) but isn’t that unthical then??? and it makes money and more money by running adwords

  13. Actually I do not believe that google is god, if something better comes up then obviously people will use that..but at this point of time google is the best because they provide relative results compared to other search engines…and that’s why people use it so much…

    And yes, they are here for the business but at the same time they are also providing quality search results….

    Google crawls website according to their own will that’s right but their algorithm is made such way which always tries to make search results better…

    If you see google results 2 years would have found too much of spam and now the same has been removed and you see less this practice always gives user good results and less spam sites…

    About differentiating between ethical and unethical tricks..well google or any search engine wont able to detect fully but yes they detect many things like hidden text using colors or css, fake 301 redirects and many more things…


  14. Hi Deep ,

    My Name is Arun Singh ,I am From delhi and working since 3 +years and now;s these days i make my site in and other site( you call blog ) in these site is also provide facilate of same you link comment ,In my blog some fake person give a comment I am spammer guy ,but that person I know very wel he is my competitor in delhi,Can you suggest me what can i do for this matter.


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