Some common tips for buying Domain Name

Before buying domain name you shall take care of following things….

  1. See whether the company is giving you full access to domain control panel or not.
  2. Make sure the domain have all your contact details specially in admin contact details….and you have access to change the same
  3. Make sure you have access to lock / unlock the domain name
  4. Do not forget to get invoice for the same from the company you buy from…

You should not fail to check above things, and should not buy the domain name if the company is not giving any of the above mentioned things…

Some companies might offer you domain name and the web space at low rates but in return they keep admin contacts as their and also control over domain control panel..

So at the time of dispute they just change the domain name details and kick the customer saying the domain was never his/her

These kind of things happen specially with Indian company…I just managed to get my client’s domain name after many tries…


  1. Talking about domains , hmmmm … so what abt my domain name :p ?

    I was going to ask you this . 🙂 , how do I do this domain stuff , mail me

    I`ll not be online for some time ..

    Take care , bye

  2. Buy from respectable companies or at least its parents (eg: eNom) so you won’t get ripped off just to save a couple bucks (or event cents)

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