The Heat is on!

The heat is on and Mumbai is burning! With temperatures soaring daily, it’s becoming quite unbearable to be outdoors here. It’s just the beginging of April!! 38 degrees celcius is what the weather report said last week. I wonder how people would do in places like Rajasthan and Kutch 😉 Shorts & sleeveless tshirts, eh? hehe!



  1. who is this? 😛

    yes..i cant imagine in what condition i will be…going to kutch on 10th haha


  2. yahan to haalat aur kharab hai… it was same around 38-40*C today… had a WS in KGP and my friend Vikas suggested let’s get back to koklata by Bus… Kharagpur se Kokata jate time agar woh Ganne ke Ras [sugar cane juice] wala nahi milta to……… main to gamri mein sookh [dry] hi jata… lol… aur yahan WB mein cooling lassi bhi aasani se nahi milti… 🙁
    NITK mein campus mein garmi thodi si kam rehti hai… we’ve crystal clear sea just few meters away from hostel there to beat the heat… & loooooooooot of Nariyal Pani… even u can daily bath with Nariyal Pani… lol 🙂 😉

    i think this year temp gonna break many records… we humans!!! ;-(

  3. Babu Moschai, you should eat thanda thanda rosogullaz! [ You can send a box here too 😉 ]

  4. Oopsie, me not a Baboo Moschai, lol… wow thanda thanda rasolullaz… yeah lot of rasolullaz these days, i’ll miss rasolullaz, my internship ending here next week, back to pavillion, and garmi is still rocking here 🙁 … hey get ready 2 catch box(es) of rasolullaz i’ll drop for you from plane… where?… how?… when?… lol… kidding 😉
    Tomorrow match?… Maggy & ganguly… lol…

  5. Yes, the match…you can only imagine how many packets of maggie I made today 🙂 kidding!

    Kindly send some boxes for Deep too, as I have no intentions 2 share rosogullaz with him. Anyways, he’s gonna be out of town, so I can enjoy them! :p Sorry, Deepster!


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