Hide & Seek, Hitch and kick on my ass

lol funny post title, isn’t it?

Yes it is…and it shows how stupid I am haha

I had gone for a movie Hide and Seek with a friend of mine but because of some reasons the show got cancelled and we got option to get tickets for Hitch…

And the story starts…I am not talking about the movie here…lol

We sat on our seats and suddenly 2 girls came over to us and said…you sat on our place by mistake…we realized it and changed the seats..i.e. sat next to them…

I liked one of the girls… 😀
Decided to talk to her…but did now know how to…

On the screen Will Smith was showing different ways to flirt and here I was trying to become one more Will Smith haha…

So here is how I started and it ended…. 😀

Me: Finally we landed up here.. 😀
Girl: Smiled and said..yeah…
Me: (It was good..good going..lets talk more)
Me: What’s the name of the actress…? (asked after sometime)
Girl: Eva Mendes.. (and said something to her friend)
Me: (Thinking…may be I should talk more…more like Will Smith lol)
Me: I am learning some lessons from this movie…
Girl: hmm smiled and said something again to her friend….
Me: (going good going good…now all you need is to ask her contact details)
Me: Day always….(thinking of different ways to talk to her)
Me: Finally, asked her…do you have an email address? (thinking please say yes and give me…pls pls pls)
Girl: Excuse me ? I am not interested….
Me: (WTF?….okay…time to say sorry), hey, I am really sorry about this… 🙁

And the movie ended lol…

My friend sitting next to me was almost hiding his face and then later I also realized…what the hell I just did…haha

Anyways the only lesson I learnt from this is…Be Original

So from now…no more tries to become Indian Mr. Hitch…this was my first and last try…..never ever gonna try this kind of stuff again…

btw movie was very good…must watch it….


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  1. Omyy .. * you really shouldn’t hit on cute gurls and expect them to like you right away . * if you really thought she was gonna like you , then your an idiot . But you were right , hitch was fantastic .. * especially since Will Smith was in it ! * Hes sexy .. *

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