To trust the cops or not to ?

I read this news today in Indian Express and Mid Day, the story is about Cop rapes 16-yr-old girl in Mumbai

It was very shocking news for me, cops are the ones whom we trust, ones in whom we have faith but after this and many other numorous incidents the faith in cops will keep on reducing…

In this case, 17 year old girl was walking with 3 of his male friends at Marine Drives and suddenly a cop comes and asks the girl to explain why she was with 3 male friends, calls her in his cabin…locks the door…rapes her….few people notice it….they break the door..catch the cop….call the police…cop is in jail….medical report confirms that it was a rape case, cop raped that girl…cop will get jail for a year or few years…

But what about the girl ?

How she will be able live..what will be her mental condition after this?

That cop should be hanged till that people like this learn from this incident…

Now another question comes in my mind is, what is the guarantee that cops won’t do anything like this again?

Tomorrow if you or me walking with a friend or even sister on any public area and suddenly cops asks to explain why the female is walking alone with a guy and asks female to come inside the cabin then? What is the guarantee he won’t do anything to the female?

At the first point…why the hell cops should bother if a girl is with any male alone? What bothers them so much? Culture? My foot…I will call it another way to earn money….


  1. Are all the rape cases registered have cops involved? Its just an unfortunate incident. Yes we are really unfortunate that ppl like him live in this world but we shouldnt generalise this by saying that all cops are like this. I think we should still have faith in them.

    Why cops bother?

    Would’nt we target the cops if that male(I dont know who are those guyz mentioned here) is responsible for the rape?

    Should the cop be hanged to death?
    Do you think all the problems will be solved by killing that man? He should be given severe punishment but there is no point in hanging him. A man( I dont remember his name) last year was hanged to death for somewhat similar case. But these things still happens right?

  2. Yup, I totally agree with your 2nd point…he should be given severe punishment…but I dont think so it will be possible in India, but hanged till death is possible…

    now about 1st point, actually it is not just about cop raping a girl, there are many cases where cops beat people without the reason…i had been to police station couple of times for help but after going there i feel like avoiding them…coz they ask for money all the car tape was stole..they asked 1000 rs for FIR…couple of other times also I had to bribe them to move things faster..infact to move things…

    Government needs to clean this crap soon….


  3. That cop should be hanged till that people like this learn from this incident…

    – hehe lol ! When someone is hanged, he dead 😛 !

  4. Heck look what they did now
    removed him as a constable
    what else nothing
    and now he denies he comited a crime
    crap absolute crap
    i mean heck with that **@@@@**2*–
    imagine the girls life
    heck ruined her life that @@**@*@*@*@
    heck she came down to the townside for a carrer related enquiry (or was it) and look where her life turned
    if only that @**@**@*@ would had a freaking heart attack would freaking died on the spot
    the girl would have been safe
    heck where is the so called god now
    huh!! god hahahahahahahahha

  5. It really is sad when such things happen and I think that it is restricted to a few crazy people. But a cop ? No way ! I think that the entrance process for IPS should be made stronger and this will improve the quality of the police thereby restricting such events.

  6. fawad ahmed khan 16-Feb-2006 at 2:04 am

    this things shame full for our counter plz we must irredecate this type of things this thing is do you me and all if we murch together plz plz plz we must together plz think u all

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