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I am using D-Link Wireless Router at home, it was disconnecting me from the net frequently. I guys on D Link India website for solution, they replied back in a day, I provided the necessary details to them (Firmware version, hardware version etc…), in 2 days I got new firmware version file in mail…

Upgraded the router…and everything started working fine 🙂

So one more good company with good customer support which I came across….



  1. Dear dev tell which broadband connection u r using. i mean bsnl or airtel. then i will tell u all procedure.

  2. Dear AMIT,
    Im using BSNL HOME 900UL and Im using D-Link GLB 502T ADSL2+ Router with NAT Active mode.

    Amazingly today my up stream Margin is “0” and my up stream Attenuation is also a big “0”. How is it possible? I just finished configuring my router.

  3. hi

    I am facing the problem in hosting my website at home computer. I have Airtel broadband connection, with Beetel 220bx and DLink DI-624 wi-fi router. I have created an account with Now, i am setting up my 220bx modem in bridge mode and wi-fi router through wizard (i mean default in PPPoE mode with Dynamic IP), I have set the port 80 forwarding on Dlink router Virtual Servers section to Apache Web Server running on my laptop connected wirelessly to the router to get internet connection. I have already changed the properties of wireless connection on my laptop to always use static ip, wi-fi router gateway id (220bx gateway is, also given the primary and secondary DNS as recieved by airtel. then too, when i access my web-site thorugh internet , i always gets the dialog for DSL-Router and it puts me on the admin interface of 220bx modem. Can you pleas ehelp me in this. please reply me at

  4. Hey guys,

    Its working fine now. so don’t bother to answer my question any more.

  5. Hello friends,
    Can any one help by writing step by step how to download D-Link DFE-538TX 10/100 Adapter #2, I mean installation of PPPoE Driver on Windows XP through CD of MTNL being provided with connection and Reuter. I want to run this broadband connection on USB Cable as I am running another connection of Sify on LAN Card. I am facing this problem for the last 10 days. Please help.
    Thanks Regards

  6. i am facing problem with my D-Link ADSL2 (GLB-502T).
    Some times I am facing connection problem.Sometime it work properly and sometime the ADSL light starts blinking and connection cuts. Service provider (BSNL) says line is ok. So my question is that:-
    Is there any connection problem with my PC?
    Us it happning due to improper installation of the Router?

    And how do I troubleshoot it?

  7. Sir,
    I am having problem connecting to BSNL internet through my system. I want to connect to BSNL wirelessly through my desktop.

    Beetel ADSL modem connected to Phone line(through RJ11)

    Dlink Wireless Router connected to ADSL modem (through RJ45)

    Intel PC Core2Duo, XP(SP2)OS, PCI Wireless card DLINK(DWA 510)

  8. we are using d’link switch model number is “des 3026” we are finding default ip address can any buddy hep me.


  9. Hi
    I am using Dlink ADSL – 502T router. I want to connect through USB port. im running vista ultimate 64bit ,i downloaded D-Link_DSL_USB_Driver_Windows_Vista from the D-Link web sit but when i install it, an set it up it saya can’t find drivers when i try and install new device. Please help


  10. Hi,
    I am using D-Link DIR-300. I want to know how to protect this wireless network from others to access. how to set password for this ? please help me.

    Thanks & Regards

  11. I am using D-link ADSL 2+ Router Sl. No. GLB-502T. In previous day, it was connected automatically to internet but form last 1 weeks internet is not connected. Last Week our computer is formate and I give IP address automatically. My previous IP is subnet default gateway but I do not know my DNS server. Now I m also not able to enter in my router.

    So it is my earnest request to kindly help me.

    Email –

  12. Hi Mihir,Amar,

    HP Laserjet,1018/1020/1022 printer are GDI based and normally can not work with USB Print server from Dlink,belkin,netgear,linksys.But printer are too good and comes with fair price.I have found that LEOXSYS LEO-150N-BT 11n wireless router/print server can work this printer and I bought that device and it working superb with my hp 1020 printer.

  13. hai friends..a day before i format my system.. now using windows 7 ultimate.. how do i connect bsnl broadband connection , by setting up username and password in pc… what procedure i should follow .. plz explain each step

  14. I installed windows 7 in my pc.I have D-link dsl router glb502t installed on windows xp, the same pc.When Iam installing the driver which was installed on windows xp on windows 7.It does not work.
    Colud u give me appropriate link where i can download the driver for windows 7 or the driver for windows 7 is not available right now.

  15. hi,pls send me url where i can download driver for d-link dsl gbl502T router.

  16. We have DES 3526 managed switch. our sys. admin left the job. now we don’t know the user id & password. we tried with Shift +6 (^). unable to reset it. Please tell me how to reset the password.

  17. Crap service, crap product. I have purchased DLink DIR-615 router. It has got the infamous overheating problem. With any moderate data transfers, the chip gets hot and connection drops. I have tried to contact their support center multiple times. On phone, they never pick up. On mail, there is no reply. Don’t know how I fell in trap of such a**holes. Too bad of a company to provide such an inferior service.

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