vBulletin Rocks !!!

Finally I got rid of crappy Invision Power Board (IPB) from my tybcom forums, for long time I was thinking about buying vBulletin (VB) but was not able to decide upon it….

IPB costs around $65 a year and VB costs $85 a year, I have around 2500 members on my forums and if I convert from IPB to VB then I will loose the passwords, i.e. members will have to reset their passwords again….now that was the only factor which was keeping me with IPB….I was going to buy IPB only by I was feeling like kicking IPB and going for VB only because IPB is total copy of VB…they have ripped everything from VB…IPB took suggestions from public when it was free and suddenly one day they announced saying…now we are paid….and that was the worst thing which could happen…

So I purchased VB and then got decent skin for the same from VB Styles, very decent skin…but their customer support sucks big one cares to reply…..

The admin panel of VB is simply cool…very user friendly and LOT of options….wannna try VB ? try the demo of admin panel here

So if you are deciding to go for a Paid Discussion forum then you should definitely go for vBulletin…coz it rocks…

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