1. But still hotmail feels, 2 MB is enough to store mails

    Yeah well, on the Hotmail homepage, they say that they offer 250MB on free accounts but that 250 has got a small star with it(& we all know what those stars mean). 😉

  2. Hurrrraayyyy mine too!!!
    And it’s on Yahoo.co.in… I created it about 5-6 years ago… and POP3 is still on… also they don’t throw Ads on my Yahoo! Mail… 😀 😀

  3. lol deep, it became 1 GB on the 1st of this month.
    BTW you can convet hotmail to 25MB using the method given by khandu at digit forums

  4. yes i know all that..25 to 250 one for a long time but they havent announced anything offcially..like yahoo and gmail did…


  5. when we can have mailbox in gb does it make sense to talk in mb’s 😛 lol
    gmail 2gb yahoo 1 gb yummy 😀 but where is da bandwidth to actually use those gbs 🙁 :((
    ..:: peace ::..

  6. How to upgrade your Hotmail account from 2MB to 25MB or 250MB for FREE!

    1. Sign in to hotmail
    2. Then, go to “options” at the far right. Look hard. It’s there and click
    3. Choose “My Profile” and change your country to “Australia”. Province
    whatever change to “Queensland” and ZIP just type in “100100” up to you.
    4. Paste ” http://by17fd.bay17.hotmail.msn.com/cgi-bin/Accountclose ” into
    your address bar of your browser and hit return/enter.
    5. Then click on “Close Account” (Don’t worry none of your emails will be
    6. After that ah…visit http://www.hotmail.com
    7. Sign in again and reactivate your account
    8. Then you will be very happy laaahhhh..

    Your account will be upsized to 25mb or 250mb.

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