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We are using Hathway one of the machine in our office, recently they introduced some new internet plans, so we decided to switch to 256 kbps connection from 128.

I called them up on their helpline, tried couple of one picked up…3rd time some person picked up the phone…gave my account details and asked him to change my plan. As usual he asked me to mail to their email address, since we had followed the same procedure for other account and no one cared to reply for 3-4 days so I told him that no one replies there so please open the ticket on phone only…..

He opened it and told me their person will get back to me, gave me complaint number…

No one contacted me for approx 5-6 days, so I decided to call them up and find out what’s happening, as expected he again asked me to open the ticket…I told him that I already have ticket opened, please search for my name in your ticket database and find it….

He finally found it and said, yes there is a request to change the plan but it has not be followed up…

I asked “why? I had mentioned you guys in advance and also told that we want new plan to get changed from 1st of May so why it has not happened till now?”

He replied saying “Sir, because you have not opened the ticket”….

I was like…(WTF) “dude? what ticket you are talking….you have everything in front of you and still you are saying not opened ticket….”

And the argument continued for quite sometime, but in the end I agreed to mail them again and he promised me that they would reply to my email soon….

Got few quick replies from their side…most of them were redirects (Nitin, please correspond with Deep, Nitin says..i will get back to you in couple of days etc….)

and suddenly everything stopped, no replies for 2-3 days…called their billing department…got in touch with Nitin, he promised me that he will send me details soon…accidentally I found the invoice in my boss’s cabin…called him up…but he wasn’t there….

some other person asked me to provide details and damn again asked me to send mail…sent mail…no one responded…

called up after 3-4 days….i.e. today…got assurance that he will call me….and he did 😀

So end of the story…..? He is going to issue a fresh bill and we have to pay charges for the month “May” according to old plan…

Today it is 17th of may, I haven’t got any invoice from them (I had talked to them approx a week back)

Very bad customer support…sucks…


  1. If I send 5 mail you replies once with same content as “you are forwarded to you head office and will get back to you.

    I am really fed up of this kind of mail as per Mr Ajith it will refunded to me within 2days but it is already one week .If any other service provider they should have closed below issue long time back.

    Do to the typo error I have added my account number 111560 instead of 1115610 please let me know I have found out this issue not by you still you are escalating ,forwarding. working on I do not want automated message any more I need time when you are going to revert the money.

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