Domains owned by Google?

Someone in Digit Forums asked about way to find out domains owned by Google, so I just checked whois info for’s IP ( and it listed 77 domain names…

some of them include names like….


and many more….

so what’s up google? Planning to start some new business? may be Hosting, sell domains ? or all these are your companies? or plans to start these companies πŸ˜‰


  1. Its pretty simple actually…

    Nothing great at all…just check info for the domain….

    and then click on sites hosted on this ip…

    it will show sites listed on it πŸ˜‰ asks you to pay so better to use free service..


  2. HEy there,
    hmmm really cool stuff..good findings deep..ur realy smart in these stuff..wish i wud be this smart..or may be more then u..heheheheh tell me how to do it..n yaar i also wanna do like urs..i mean the site tht u have ritehere..i also wanna have one..can u teach me how to make write bak on ma space n mail too…

    bye n tc
    Jai SHree Krishna

  3. I heard somewhere that Google has been approved as a Domain Name Registrar.
    So Google can now start displaying ads on the domains that are expired.
    Saw this somewhere. Don’t know how much of this is true.

  4. btw he isnt aware about thing called Proxy lol

    btw both of ur’s IP is so next time use proxy to hide haha

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