Yeah, I eat meds…

Medicines !!! That’s the last time I ever want to have….For last 3-4 days there is a pain in my gums, the whole part got swollen…got appointment of the dentist today…..asked me to open mouth….said..aah this whole part is swollen…what you were doing these days? why you didn’t come to see me?

I was like…sorry you were not there so I took today’s appointment…he said, I can see pus all around…everything needs to be cleared…

He took out one needle from his box…now I started sweating…I knew that it is gonna hurt….and it did….I said….stop…it hurts…

He stopped…I was like…done..good…

But he put it again and damn I almost shouted…lol

He said dont worry now…all done…please gargle….

I felt some different taste….it was plain water but because of blood and pus, it tasted something different lol (Don’t worry obviously I did not drink it, but I just felt the difference)..

So the sink was full of colorful water…

He gave me some meds…asked me to take thrice a week…I said ok…

He asked me, does it pain much? I said. yes currently it is….

He added 1 more tablet…

Then he gave me a prescription….which had 4 diff tablets….

So in the end..I will have to take 6 tablets at one time and that too thrice a day 🙁

This sucks….I just finished my 1st quota…..damn damn too bad….

I had to take a sip of “Aam Ras” (mango milk shake) after every 2 tablets

So these meds have become my daily food it seems, imagine 6 tablets thrice a day…damn…Idon’t wanna have these meds…pray that I get back to normal soon….


  1. HEy there

    aawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww yaar i feel so sry for ya… i know this damn thing.. i have been thru this once..when i was headed for checkup it hurts so much …dr gives meds w’out thinkin nothing…shud go kick their a…… lol jks..its ok u will get soon better..jus keep takin meds…will pray for ya to get u bak to ur normal life…

    Takecare of urself
    Jai SHree Krishna

  2. I too hope that things get back to normal soon, if you see me face currently then u will run away haha

    left side is all swollen 🙁


  3. HAHAHA! I’m rolling! But only sad thing is that I couldnt see u in the Doc’s clinic!!! Hey, y didnt u carry a vid. cam.? Kya yaar, itna bhi nahi socha mere baare mein?

    But this way u r getting to eat more Mangoes na? so pretty good 😉

    Abbey Buddha ho gaya kya, itni saari meds…?

    Ok ok, now stop givin me gaalis… U know im one of ur true well wishers.

    So My Dear Friend, GET WELL SOON.

    Happy Life.

    Cheers n Keep Smiling n Keep Lookin Sweet, just like me. Ok ok, thats askin 4 too much. I know every1 cant look that sweet!

    Take care. Chao.

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