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Another very good company with great customer support…very friendly people and very helping…

Bcentral is the small business central by Microsoft, they provide services like email marketing, search engine optimization, web hosting etc….

We are using their Email Marketing service, List Builder for long time, we renew our package time to time…(There is auto renewal system so we cancel the package when not needed)

Recently when I went to renew our package, I found one serious bug in their system…it was not technical bug but it was kinda logical which allows you to use their service for free all the time 😉

So without failing I contacted their customer support online on chat, I explained him about the matter and he got my point…he thanked me and politely said, you do not have to pay the charges for this month, which comes to $30….I was really impressed with the way he thanked me….

The money doesn’t matter here, what matters is, the manner in which he behaved, understood the problem and appreciated the feedback…

2nd experience was when we had to cancel our account, they have policy that customer will have to call their customer support department to cancel the account, I chatted to one of their support guys online and explained the problem that our times does not match, It is night here when they are open so it was not possible for me to call them up from outside since it was company matter…

She opened a ticket and within a day, someone from billing department and asked few details over email and cancelled my account… 🙂

There are few more instances where their customer support people have helped me a lot and I really appreciate the way they handle their customers, We have used couple of other email marketing providers also but they are nothing compared to Bcentral, they are bit low priced compared to Bcentral but we don’t care, because most important part is customer support and that’s where Bcentral rules…

So if you are thinking of going for online email marketing package then Bcentral List Builder is the best… (You can send max 10,000 emails a month)


  1. dear sirs,
    can u pls help us,
    at present we are using calc.
    can we export files from tally to this application.
    kindly let us know the procedure – in detail per retn mail
    thanxs & regards

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