Orange / Hutch Customer Support

Too many customer support posts today isn’t it?

Haha yeah, got time after a long time so writing everything together…

Anyways, coming back to the topic….Orange / Hutch customer support, I am really impressed by the way they handle their customers…

Recently, I had refilled by pre-paid card from my ICICI Bank account….I got SMS back saying the card has been refilled but when I checked my balance it showed me the old balance…

I called up their helpline from my cell, she told me that there is some technical problem from their side and it will take approx 2 hours to fix the problem….

I did not say much because they also cannot do much here…

I checked my balance after 1 hour or so and card has been refilled with the amount 🙂

Within 5-10 minutes after that, I got one SMS asking whether my problem got solved or not, I replied with Yes, I got one more SMS asking how was my experience with XXX person on the phone, good? I have to answer in Yes or NO, so replied with Yes, got one more SMS asking me whether I would like to answer few questions or not, it was very impressive approach to ask customer about the experience with their customer support representative…

I answered few questions, since the number was toll free so I did not have to pay for the SMS 🙂

But I was really impressed with the way they handle their customers… (for sometime leave that part aside that they charge so high for SMS and roaming calls etc….)

So for customer support they are very good but if you take a look at their charges (roaming, CLIP etc..), they are bad.. 🙁

Update: Comments close due to many people asking for orange support and ringtones


  1. Yes, their customer support is very good here in Chennai too. Once I had called their customer care number. After the call, I got the same string of SMSes as to whether my problem was solved.
    They have reduced the call charges to Rs.6/min for the interactive services that they offer.

  2. but the problem is that in atleast Rajasthan they don’t have the technical staff to respond with a solution it took me 4 days to setup my HUTCH Access on my computer that also on my own, they just keep telling me that they will call me back but I never received their call 🙁