Tally Customer Support

Very Impressive !!!

In our office we use Tally 7.2 and because of some technical problems I had to call Tally Customer Support couple of times and they were able to solve my problems in minutes….

First I had faced problems at the time of upgrading from 6.3 to 7.2, just called them up, had to wait for 20-25 minutes on the phone but finally someone from their side picked up the phone….I heard a very sweet voice from other side and it made remember about ICICI, they have people with very sweet voice but they are never helpful…haha

But I was wrong this time, she asked for few details and then suddenly told me, go to D drive, go to this folder and you will find one file there…just edit it and replace it with this…your tally should work fine now..

I was shocked….thinking how the hell she knows where is my Tally installed but then later realized that, yes they have some web activation system in 7.2 and that might be sending all info….

But whatever it is, she solved my problems in minutes…

2nd time was recently, when one company’s data file was crashed…

We called up our local vendor first, he gave some instructions on the phone, but nothing happened….we were worried about loosing the data, the backup we had was 3-4 days old…..

We called up Tally customer support, this time it took less time and again I heard a very sweet voice…but this time I was confident that my problem will get solved….and she managed to fix the problem…

I talked to her for around 15-20 minutes on the phone, tried few things and finally we got our data back, only few entries were lost but that is ok compared to loosing whole data…

So moral of the story, they rock….very good software and very impressive customer support…just need to make sure that customer wait time is less… 🙂


  1. Dear Sir,
    I am a user of tally 6.3 singleuser. Now I have installed Windows XP Professional and install Tally 6.3.
    How to configure tally63 with printout 10inch width and 12inch Height in Win XP platform.
    Kindly Give me the solution for it.

  2. we are using your licenced tally version 7.2, and we have no access to open or alter vouchers (because of company policy) so can able to print vouchers without open it (if we go to multi print option in tally it prints all vouchers of the date, while we may want to print only one voucher of the particular date).
    pls advice soon on my email address
    thanking you
    prime international

  3. Mr. Ehtesham (Prime International)

    there is a TDL for this if u can give ur email id i could forward it to u this allows u to open the voucher and print but does not allow to alter any voucher and also voucher wise security control can be given
    This is my e-id


  4. I am using Tally 7.2, bymistake Financial year changed and Books starting from in Company alterations.
    When we are opened Tally give the message “COMPANY DATE DETAILS CHANGED. NEED TO REWRITE BEFORE PROCEEDING�. Plz send u r suggestion, it is very very urgent.


  5. Hi,

    I am using Tally 5.4, while taking backup of company it showing error “could not complete”. Please help me ASAP.

  6. sir i have problem in tally 7.2 to maintain inventory with two diffrent
    rate of vat eg:12.5% or 4 % in one voucher please help me!