Indian Media or Bunch of Evils ?

I was really shocked when I checked news channels saying Advani stating Jinnah as secular leader in a speech when he was in Karachi…

His single statement caused kind of big weave in India, VHP leader Togadia made statement in press saying that Advani is a traitor and that caused him to quit his post

I still had doubt in my mind that, leaders like Advani cannot make such silly statement specially but news report from the news channels, news papers made me believe that he was wrong and he made that statement…

But today when I read the whole speech on rediff, I realized that this evil media is behind this…

In his whole speech Advani never made any statement which says Jinnah as secular leader, there was no direct or indirect indication about the same also….

So this means that these media people caused this…I feel that there is too much of politics involved in this…news channels, news papers no more deliver the correct news, everyone is dying for money and publicity….they have started providing bias news, some news channel or paper writes in favour of congress then some deliver news in favor if BJP or some other party, they know that they have power to do any damn thing because people trust them, people rely on their news, they can create hype or small thing and can hide big things from public…

I remember some news channel screwing career of model Lakshmi Pandit, I did not find anything wrong in what she did, after all she did to survive and she did not hurt anyone in that…

Anyways coming back to the point, these media people made so much of hype about this small thing, Advani never said anything about Jinnah which hurts Indian or Hindu people and by delivering false news information media created so much of hype about it…

Infact rediff reports that, Advani had given the same speech in Feb 2004 in New Delhi at the time of book release event hosted by India First Foundation and at that time none of the media people talked about this issue…but this time they got chance because he gave the same speech Pakistan…

Hats off to Indian Media, they rule the country and are real evils…who do not care to provide real news to people……, obviously there are exceptions everywhere… 🙂

You can check out this article on rediff by Dina Nath Mishra. This will open your eyes against the whole issue…and tells the trust about what really happened….


  1. HEy Deep
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  3. Heck!In all the news paper i read it was mentioned that Advani had said that Jinnah was secular!
    But then why didnt the BJP protest?Why did Advani resign?

  4. Finally, as expected, Advani took his resignation back and togadia didnt stop barking lol these politicians..I just hate them…

  5. Today RSS said Advani is like a prostitues,changing his colour everr so often(indirectly).Advani said that he had learnt a lot from this experience.

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