Mumbai Mirror or Mumbai Error ?

Mumbai Mirror? what’s it ? It is a daily tabloid published by Times of India (Bennett Coleman) group, I have read the paper couple of times, not a regular reader at all….I prefer Mid-Day 🙂

So now back to topic, I was reading review on mumbai mirror on the net, it was good review, giving light on small small errors they make in the papers, these errors include spelling mistakes, grammatical mistakes etc…

So I too got excited about finding these errors and believe me it did not take more than 10 seconds to find first spelling mistake and that too from home page of their website.

The article was about No entry for Miandad in India, I just copied the text and pasted in Microsoft Word and found the first spelling mistake… 😀

here it goes…

…Though the wedding may take place in Karachi, the two families are likely to organise a reception and dinner in Dubai too to enable participation of Dawood’s Indian friends, among them Bollywood personalities and business tycoons, surces said…

Ok, we can consider this as rare mistake, not a problem….let’s check some other page….

I checked 2nd page, Dress decent: VC says it can provoke rape!, again did the same thing, pasted in word…and again it did not take more than 10 seconds to find out those words with red underline… lol

here it goes…

…tee-shirts that rise above the navel and trousers that sag below the waistline are a no-no.Khole expects that after the meeting, the prinicipals will convey the university’s concern on improper dressing in campuses to students…

ok one more…

…students who wear “inappropiate” clothes are pulled up and their parents are called…

ok aur ek ho jaye (one more) 😉

…students are asked to apologise and pay a fine if they are found dressed inappropiately

I did not bother to check other articles but still they should consider this seriously, even a guy like me running a personal blog checks for spelling mistakes in Microsoft Word (now i have online spell checker :D) and they are publishing a news paper which is ready by thousands of people daily….still they don’t care to check for their spelling errors…


  1. i think well people are too much high educated in india or mumbai thats why they are helping microsoft to build Office suite to check their spellings

    I guess i dunt make sense here but thats wut i think

  2. F7!

    Well a group like that doesn’t use a spell check utility! that’s so cool. Probably they outsourced this edition to a very *loca*l newspaper company.

  3. Mumbai mirror , well Mumbai is a much better city then what is potrayed in the paper.
    All it does is copy and paste other papers data in it paper.Moreover the news is old by a day and also not complete.
    It is just because Hindustan TImes which has thrown Times of India out of gear in North has come to Mumbai , TOI has started this issue.
    It does not bother about the reader, even after the Mumbai Mirror is made complimentary with TOI , it is being sold for Rs 2.00/-.
    Now they have started one more gimick carry a Mumbai mirror and show your railway ticket to get a free gift.
    Poor TOI,it seems they have been hit below the belt so hard , that they have actually run of ideas to promote their paper, which is very simple – just print the complete , correct and latest news.
    May Times of India whose days are numbered , rest in peace in future.

  4. well, mumbai mirror does a good job by publishing and launching a newspaper suplement consisting about everything from politics, cineme, telewood, health,philosophy,suggestions, local news and all interesting facts.the article related to organic food was fab, although it was a common topic it seemed different.
    i am a student of 12th arts in baroda, but prefer to read mumbai mirror at the weekends by asking my dad to bring whole week’s mum mir on sundays wen he comes from mum to baroda!
    u ppl r doing a great job! best luck.
    i have a request if u can tell me how are freshers like me to enter times of india or mumbai mirror.

  5. I so agree with you. Mumbai Mirror is one of the crappiest and most irresponsible papers I’ve ever come across. They run a section called “R u in the Pic” in their Chai-Time Section, and they promise Rs 500 worth of gift vouchers for whosoever’s picture they print. But after repeated attempts of trying to contact the email address provided, phone numbers given etc, the winner gets no response and finally has to give up their hopes of getting the prize. This happened to me, and to another friend as well. So it definitely isn’t a one-off problem, they don’t intend to give the prize and yet run such a section.. Total con game!

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