Sony Vaio Memory Module Upgrade…

I wanted to upgrade my current memory module from 256 MB DDR RAM to 1 GB DDR RAM on my Sony Vaio S Series Laptop, I called up Sony customer support here in India, I asked him about the rates for 512 MB stick and I was really shocked when I heard the rates…

He told me bloody Rs. 33,000 (Approx $730) for 512 MB of RAM…the amount he told me was not the exact amount but he just told me the approx rates…(sony used to sell RAM at these rates few months back) now it might be around Rs. 25-30,000. He recommeneded me to get Kingston Memory Module from outside and get it installed in any Sony Service center at free of cost.

I enquired about Kingston rates, damn, almost 10% of it, Rs. 4500 for 512 DDR RAM….

I am thinking of getting 2 modules of 512 MB soon…(god give me some more projects 😀 )

But sony should seriously rethink about their accessory rates…they shouldn’t sell same product at such high rates…

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