Freedom 2005 – Beta

Thinking of any new software launched which is in Beta version? lol nothing like that…this is just a personal thing which is still hasen’t reached its final stage…

Well, it is about my job 😉 Today I almost left my job :D, now ask…what do you mean by almost left?

Actually, I have been asked to leave after a month so that they can hire a new person and he can manage the job properly 🙂

Decided to take a big risk of my life by leaving the job but I think its fun…life is full of risks and you should enjoy it….

Now ask, why I am leaving this job?

hehe, actually I want to concentrate more on my business part so for that I need to spend more time on it, I won’t reveal the company name so soon but yes, I have been running it for last 6 months and now I have reached the stage where I could not handle job and business together….

To be frank, I am not feeling like leaving job because we were having lot of fun in the office, I have never enjoyed so much in my life….just feeling like I am going to leave my family, after a month…..

But to get something you need to loose somehting….and that’s life…

It will be fun in interviewing the person who is going to take my place…haha…


  1. All that starts well, ends well and thts wht happening with you deep and all the best for ur new business.

    And for other ppl who are curious on wht deep is all about, here is a preview :

    W ** 1 In**a

    This is his company name. Guess if you can find it or wait for deep to reply ! 😉

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