ICICI – The Worst Bank Ever…

Warning: Lengthy post ahead

I am seriously fed up of them…I just hate them….their customer support just sucks…they have no knowledge at all…after facing couple of problems earlier, I thought they will improve but NO, they will NEVER…

As mentioned in my earlier post about their new facility about Card2Card transfer in current account, I finally got their mail saying, the problem has been solved, so I used it again this month but again my funds got rejected…

Now I felt like they were testing my patience…I wrote firing mail to them asking what is happening, why this happened again….now I got their reply saying I did not fill my credit card number fully…according to them, I had filled only 4 digit for the card number.

So I decided to cross check it, so I tried to edit the card number…I did not allow me to edit it….so that option is ruled out…I tried to add card number with 4 digits, it did not allow me…so that option is also ruled out…

So what is left? Someone from their side did it purposely or some technical error….I sent them the screenshot which I had mailed them in my previous query where it showed the valid card number….

I got their reply next day, explaining how to enter the card number in card2card option…I was like WTF is this? I replied back saying what the hell you are replying….do you guys ever care to read the earlier replies? I again got reply explaining the same i.e. how to enter card number… (Query IDs for ref: SR40310578, SR40313057, SR40320602, SR40327596, SR40332452)

I finally got fed up with them and said…please close this ticket, I will use my old method i.e. will deposit the cheque in drop down box…

Now 2 days back again I faced new problem….I was not able to transfer funds to any other accounts….

I asked them about the reason….and this is what I got in reply……

Thank you for routing your query through Corporate Care, ICICI Bank. As you are aware Corporate Internet Banking, facilitates you to view as well as effect online fund transfers to any account in ICICI Bank. One of the option for fund transfer, was the Third Party Fund Transfer facility, through which you can transfer funds to any account in ICICI Bank. Since in Third Party Fund Transfer, there is no prior registration, a wrong data entry by you can lead to an inadvertant fund transfer to a wrong beneficiary. In view of this, we are requesting our customers use the Own to External fund transfer facility, where the beneficiary account is registered and linked to your login by the Bank. In order to link the beneficiary accounts to your login, please give us a letter as per the attached format. The needful linking of the same shall be done on receipt of the same after which you can proceed with funds transfer to such accounts. Also please note the user DEEPPGANATRA is not registered for the Own to External Funds Transfer facility.For activation of the above facility for your account,we request you to submit a request on the company letterhead signed by authorised signatories mentioning: 1) Your existing Corporate Id. 2) User Id 3) Access Option required “Own To External Funds Transfer. 4) User limits in numeric terms. You may submit the both the letters (Credit Mandate letter specifying the beneficiary account numbers) and the letter requesting for Own to External Funds Transfer facility at your base branch or scan copy attachment may be sent to Looking forward to your co-operation in the interim.

(Query ID for Ref: R40338333 )

Now I have no idea what they said, they just want me to write then f***ing letter with some own to external transfer facility…and that too AGAIN…

I was using their transfer facility for last 4-5 months without any problems and suddenly it stopped working, no one cared to notify me about it…

Now why the hell they can’t just activate it for god sake? My third party transfer was already active, I never asked them to discontinue it and now they want to me send another letter to activate this new sh!t…and again it will take f****ng 7 days

Sometimes I seriously feel that national banks are much better than these banks, in national banks, you get things so easily and quickly….

This will be the best example….I have savings account with Saraswat Bank also, I needed new cheque book, so I went to the bank, asked the lady for the cheque book, she gave me one form and asked me to fill with the details…I submitted the form…waited for hardly 5 minutes and got the cheque book…

Then I went to ICICI, I have savings account there too…I asked them for the cheque book, she gave me the form, I submitted it…and she told me that, they will deliver the cheque book within 7 working days…I was like, what the hell? I am asking you for the cheque book not loan that you are taking so much time…..

I got my cheque book within 5-6 working days…

So what was the difference? Saraswat Bank one did not have my name printed on it where ICICI one had it…

That’s the only difference I could find…

Now if you think logically, who is going to read the printed name? Who cares? No one, all we care is proper signature and the amount; so having name printed on it does not make any difference…and I suppose that is the only thing which takes so much of time for cheque book to arrive…

What I suggest to the Bank is, instead of spending money on ads, spend some money in hiring smart people, spend some money in hiring a good technical team, group of people who can test out the products before the launch…so issues like card2card transfer does not arise at all….

Spend some amount on knowing what customers need, spending amount on ads like Acha Lagta hai and all is not going to make any difference…

Viewers will get attracted to the ads and open the account but after using it they will really feel kita acha lagta hai ICICI ke saath

I am also looking out for some better banks now, considering HSBC as a good option…anyone has account with them?



    Dear Sir,
    I wish to highlight the fradulent and unethical business done by the private Banker ICICI BANK. I had taken Credit card from the ICICI Bank vide card no. 5176530047405009 in the year 2006.
    On dated 23-01-2006 I made a purchase with Devendra Telecom , Jayanagar , Bangalore INDIA of certain amout of which along with interest I have to Pay Rs. 11300 ( The amout include principle amount + interest) for which I got letter dated 24 january 2006 from ICICI BANK stating that I have to pay 12 EMI for Rs. 11300.00 (Rs.Eleven thousand Three hundred only) and I had paid whole amout of Rs. 11300.00 in equal EMI i.e. Rs. 941 of 11 cheques and By cash Rs. 949.00 to the ICICI Bank in their respective Branch (collectively amt. I paid is Rs, 11300.00).

    I had the proof letter from the ICICI BANK in written and the cheques no. and cash deposit receipt with me.

    But to my surprise and shock The ICICI BANKER had raised another amout of Rs. 12000/- to my credit card account, for which I had straight refuse to the banker representative.
    I wrote personally to the ICICI BANKER at their Registered address of Credit Card Division in HYDERABAD ,INDIA. They suriprisingly rejected my letter and insists me to pay the more Rs. 12000/- additionally which I felt is not fair, since I aleady paid my dues of Rs. 11300/- to the ICICI BANK.
    Recently when I applied for another Loan to a bank, the credit report of mine is showing that Iam suppose to pay to the ICICI Bank Rs. 12000/-.
    I got shocked and surprised to know the fraudulent and cheater ICICI Bank is sucking blood of innocent INDIANS who are genuine and pious by their transactions; when they showing me in defaulter list by their own unethical business tricks . I am a genuine and timely payer of my dues to my Bankers whoam I am enjoying any kind of credits/Loans. I am not a kind person who doing frauds or making loss to the bankers.
    I, thereby, request the Reserve Bank of India , to look into matter and play a fair role in the above said complaint. I have very much faith in Reserve Bank Of India, for insists such cheater and fradulet Banker to do fair business with ethics and adopt fair trade practices and not to ruin and spoil the goodwill and image of a genuine and innocent customer like me.
    Hoping for favourable and timely reply from the Reserve Bank of India.

    Yours faithfully and Genuinely,


    20, cottopet main road,
    cell : 9341818151.
    email :

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