So Salman Khan, what’s up?

Hindustan Times (HT) revealed about Salman Khan’s call made to Aishwarya Rai alleging his connection with underworld and claiming that he has f***ed actresses like Priety Zinta, Diya Mirza and used very abusive language against her and other actors like Amir Khan, Abhishek Bacchan etc… And unfortunately Salman Khan’s movie”Maine Pyar Kyun Kiya” released today…so politicians got chance to show their anger (read it as dada giri)

Salman Khan Murdabad, Salman Khan ko jail mein daalo, Salman Khan desh drohi hai…

That’s what I am hearing in all the news channels, people in saffron scarf are shouting all over and trying to show the world that”Yeah, we rule the India and we will do whatever we want….we will stall the movie shows, we will burn the theatres….(happened in MP)”

Star News is covering Salman Khan issue as if something big, disastrous happened in the country and in that they forgot that there are lot of other things also happening in India, 90% of the show time, they are showing Salman Khan issue, special coverage on it and believe me, they are showing same crap for last 1 hour…no change at all…one guy playing with India’s animated map and showing that where those politicians are showing their real colour…

So in all these things, they forgot one important thing, Authenticity of the tapes? HT did a good thing by revealing the tape but they forgot to reveal the authenticity of the same, no source and that’s the question roams around in my mind and thousands of other people, who are just watching politicians trying to be “Good Boys” by acting bad…doing whatever they can to stop the movie show and protest against the actor…

They burnt Salman Khan posters, stopped movie shows, protested against him all over the places, theatres, outside his building etc…

In some cities they even announced that, we won’t allow any theatre to play any of his movies….woha now they are the ones who will decide what we should watch and what we should not…

His movie which started with very good advanced booking is not being shown in most of the theatres and that is only because of these stupid politicians… (UPDATE: The shows have been resumed in most of the theatres now)

Nothing has been proved as yet and still they are shouting like real a**holes to show off their anger or power…or whatever bad word you can think of….

What if tomorrow it is proved that the tapes are doctored? The person who is abusing is not Salman Khan? What will these politicians do? Apologize to Salman Khan, People, Theatre owners that they shouldn’t have done it…? No, they won’t coz whatever they do is right and we should keep our moth shut…

I heard the part of the tape on Star News and to be frank what I feel is, the person whoever was talking was drunk and if you are not in state of mind then you just say anything and you really cannot believe those things….

Like actor / politician Shatrughan Sinha said, if you are drunk or very angry then you say anything without thinking and I totally agree with him, many times in anger you say I will kill you, I will kill your parents but you never really do it…

So moral of the story is, let it get proved first and then give him the worst punishment if he is guilty, I do not see any point in doing anything before anything is proved.


  1. chandrakant Ghaste 17-Jul-2005 at 5:02 pm

    Salman must have said it in drunken mood.But thing is to be noted that the third person who had recorded the conversation between duo should interogatted 1st alongwith salman as how he got chance to record the same conversation why he has not brought to the notice of public or mumbai police in the year 2001.

    Most offten he is (salman) known very well to the public by his wrong doings.Now police should take trouble to find out the eaxact truth.

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  8. vaishali jadhav. 21-Jan-2006 at 11:04 pm

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  12. fuck the law. this bullshit law is for some guys. all the shit happening in our country is bullshit like this. all the hell polititions should be jailed who are like aids virus in our country. do it first and then go behind this guys

  13. i dont give a dam shit was the court said 5 yrs to much awwwwwwwwww i feel really sorry 4 him im his biggest fan i cant see him in dis state i luv i`ll pray 2 allah not 2 do dis

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