Agneepath Rocks

Mein Vijay Dinanath Chavan…that’s Amitabh Bachchan calls himself in the movie….

Simply rocks man..this movie is just awesome…

Watching it now for on SetMax and I don’t think so I am going to switch off the TV for sometime now..haha..

I have watched this movie many times before but some scenes in the movie are just awesome…my favorite ones include: When Vijay (Amitabh Bachchan) meets Kancha (Danny Denzongpa) and other one is when Anna Shetty (Deepak Shirke) kidnaps Vijay’s sister Siksha (Neelam)….watching Krishnan Iyer MA (Mithun Chakraborty) fights and how Vijay enters the place and saves his sister was just amazing…

Amitabh and Mithun both are just awesome…

If you haven’t watched the movie yet then GO WATCH IT NOW or get the DVD…. 😀


  1. Gosh! Deepu u like Mithun? I cant b’live it! Whenever Mithun movies are going on TV, Dad starts watching it and I feel really irritated and feel “How can someone like his movies?” They are too sick to handle! Anyways, everybody has their choices but still… I cant digest that today’s youngsters can also like him.


  2. Mithun is legendary man, come on! The man has over 317 movies made, 250 crap but still, he is ok!

  3. This is the best Indian action movie after Dewaar loaded with powerful performance of Big B.Bachan’s anger is again unleashed against all Evils.Hey sharukh,is 6 foot ka body ko acting mein peeche karne ke liye, tera 5 foot ka body aur chichora acting hamesha kam padaga.Malum!!! Amitabh Rulezzzz….

  4. got your blog link thru thinkdigit. good posts…keep it rolling

    Anyway, it’s a typo/mistake you made that prompted me to leave this message, it should be Vijay Dinanath Chauhan

    and yeah, Agneepath completely rocks!


  5. sudeept srivastav 23-Nov-2005 at 3:48 pm

    agreeed no one can ever overshadow amitabh bachchan ,but one man who stood tall & met bachchan’s charisma shot for shot ,scene for scene was mithun chakraborty.he was awesome in agneepath.AND NO…..I M NOT A BENGALI.

  6. Mithunda is a great and living legend. He is far better in than Amitabh in agneepath.

    He is the best. Mithunda’s new film hason raja will start shooting soon. which is directed by uk-based director Ruhul Amin. Mithunda is really great. no one cant beat mithunda in acting.

  7. mithun is great actor . Agneepath one of my favorite movie. I one of biggest fan of mithun da. he is GURU………….. JEO GURU

  8. Amitabh has cashed his success well with some manipulation Whereas Mithunda is more a human. Perhaps he has given more importance to the conscience and relationship. Some of his movies are breathtaking and there is hardly any actor on the earth to replace him in those movies. But as all know that the Bachchan family is still in proxy politics to gain more footage. The recently released Guru is an example of dirty politics. A little more space for Mithun could have overshadowed Abhisek completely. Therefore, the scenes of mithun are chopped at the behest of Amitabh. It is a real pity

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