Here comes blog rippers…

Ever heard about blog chors (rippers)? Today I was checking awstats log and found this URL in “Links from an external page” section…

That ass copied couple of my blog posts without changing the words or anything…just copied the text and pasted on this bloody damn site…

Man this sucks…totally sucks…


  1. Lol .. Maybe he thought its okay in Creative Commons licence .. 😀 .. I remember you had CC Attrib licence on your site na ..? Where is it gone ..?
    Anyways .. He posted without changing the text dammit ..

    Someone in Digit Forums asked about way to find out domains owned by Google, ….

    Pathetic ..
    I posted a comment on his site .. I am not sure if he’ll approve it or not ..

  2. Yes man I had CCL in old skin, me too lazy to put it here lol…will put it today but I dont think so it will stop rippers 🙁


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