Smart Google

I noticed it yesterday while I was searching for some software on Google…and I must say, Google is becoming smarter day by day…

Google now shows brief one line info and links (including download link) about software you searched for…

But unfortunately they seem to have taken back this feature (may be they have enabled in some datacenters for testing)

Here is the screenshot.. 🙂

Smart Google


  1. How does it know…google directory 😉 It cheks for the category of that site and if its in softwares then it will provide download links too…

    I was searching for jet airways on google and surprisingly, it showed me links to check fares, about company etc.. too in the results (just like above screenshot)


  2. I used the same query that you used and I didn’t get any download links… do you still see the download link today?

  3. Yup, I am also not able to see it now, I even checked their new datacenter but they have disabled there also it seems…

    I think they will do like this for testing but after sometime, they will enable it in all datacenters..


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