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I can say that, I am a loyal customer of Lifestyle Stores…It is just 5 minutes from my home and I shop most of my clothes from there only.

I had purchased a pair of Wrangler jeans from there some 6 months back, they had used some leather kind of material on pockets and after few months it started coming out, I was quite hesitant to go to the store and ask them about it because it could have been because of carelessness of the laundry person also but finally today I decided to ask them about it and get it fixed by paying whatever amount they charge for the same…

So when I went today, they asked me when I had purchased it and asked whether I have invoice or not, since it was long time back so obviously I didn’t have the invoice with me, but I had my Lifestyle Membership Card so I gave it to them..they checked their records and found the date of purchase….I talked to some management head there and I was really impressed by the way they take care of their customers….

He asked the person on the counter to give a credit note of the amount for which I had purchased that jeans 🙂 and also assured me that, he will personally call wrangler and inform them about it so they can also take care about it next time…

So I got a new pair of jeans by just paying visit to the store.. 🙂

So moral of the story: If you have purchased some stuff and later it gets screwed up then just don’t hesitate to pay a visit to the place from where you had purchased, it is ok if the warranty period is expired or something but you should just make them aware about the problem so they can take care from next time 🙂 and you never know, you might get lucky and get a new one 😉


  1. Lol that was nice 😉

    I didn’t think such big stores would replace stuff so easily, but I guess I thought wrong 😀

    I’m also a member and maybe I should buy some stuff from their sale 😛

    Smaller stores are always nice coz you get to know the owners and then they show you the best stuff and easily take back stuff even if their receipt says NO RETURN/EXCHANGE 😆

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