Aaj ka Gundaraj….

Politics in India has become so bad that politicians are doing whatever they want, they don’t care about police, they don’t care about the public… If anyone doesn’t listen to then, they make sure that that person is taken care of…

The same thing happened with Mid Day yesterday. Mid Day had reported the story about Maharashtra CM distributing food to the people affected by flood…but in reality they distributed the food to the people / area which were not at all affected by the flood. You can checkout the article here: Silly CM’s stunt

So, according to the congress, Mid Day did big mistake by posting this news, so around 50 congress workers were sent to Mid-Day office and they broke into the office, broke the door glass, few computers, phones and shouted slogans on top of their voice….

Police also came into the picture, arrested few people and then later released them….they are never on time, always come when everything is over and in the end assure that we will arrest the attackers…but that never happens…

But Mid Day is not the paper which will be silent after these things…they posted their firing reply on their website / newspaper

This is what their reply says…

Is this the man who will take us to Shanghai?

Vilasrao Deshmukh, incompetent at handling even fundamental administration issues like blocked traffic in a downpour, is not the ideal man to head a city with this drive and this ambition.

To his lack of vision and competence, he adds a very thin skin.

His reaction to the most valid criticism from Mumbaikars crying out for better service last week was to sulk. ‘I am not to be blamed’ he said when this city faced its worst crisis.

When the scale of the calamity was known and the extremely poor reaction of the government revealed after the waters receded, he now reacts with violence against the newspaper that voices this city’s concerns like no other.

Mr Deshmukh is very wrong when he believes that Mumbaikars will disregard his incompetence because he threatens the messenger: the collapse of his administration is out in the open for all to see……………

Read more here.

The same kind of attacks have been occurred earlier also, whether it is newspaper or it is shopping complex; politicians have done whatever they wanted and never cared about the public….and our police just watches them as mute spectators who cannot (read as “do not”) do anything..

I feel there should be some strict punishments for the parties or anyone carrying these kind of attacks / activities…but it will never going to get implemented because the ones who make the rules are the only ones involved in it…

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