News wala news….

You must have heard Chai wala chai many times but now the time has changed and you see representatives of newspaper companies on the newspaper stands to sell / advertise their paper…

The competition has become so much that they have to come on the streets to sell the paper….which is again a good sign but if they were accepting the subscriptions on the streets then it would have been just great….no need to call them and wait for their person to come to your place and then wait for newspaper copy to arrive….this whole process takes around 15 days…

But this competition has affected everyone and changed the mind of many people including me…it was time when there were 2 good newspapers, Times of India (not sure how good it is but many people like it) and Indian Express….

But now people have got 2 more options…Hindustan Times & DNA, when Hindustan Times arrived, I really liked the paper but somehow I was stuck with Indian Express only but when DNA arrived, I could not stop myself from buying it daily and now I have stopped reading Indian Express and switched to DNA because it gives whatever I want, it has tech news kind of stuff, it has page where people speak and their articles are published, they have financial news, they have entertainment news….in short term, for me it is a complete newspaper…

And apart from this these 2 newspapers have started very attractive subscription schemes also which tempts you to subscribe for it…

Times of India sells the paper for Rs.4 where these 2 newspapers, Hindustan Times and DNA have come up with great offers, you get Hindustan Times for around Rs.350 a year which comes to around Re. 1 per copy (on newsstands price of Hindustan Times is Rs. 3..Rs….2.50 introductory rate) , DNS subscription price is Rs.2 per copy (on newsstands price of DNS is Rs.4…..Rs.2 is introductory price)

So these kind of offers attract many people and tempt them to subscribe for it and many people have even subscribed to 2 newspapers together (include me in that…I have subscribed for DNA and Hindustan Times both)

So moral of the story is, its good that these newspaper companies have come down to the streets and are offering attractive offers but in the end they should not burst like a balloon which looks very good and attractive when its full of air but it has no value once it bursts…likewise these news papers have started providing more quality stuff at less rate but as time goes they should not burst and suddenly start increasing rates or provide less quality stuff at same rate…

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  1. I wounder… what would happen if some one starts an ondemand newsw service…. yes there will b usual news item… but people can log in & can ask the new ancher whats hot in there place or in their interest??


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