Socha Na Tha…

A great movie..watching it currently, I donno I somehow feel like watching that movie again and again..very different and natural love story….no family drama nothing just tale of a couple who loves each other but cannot find out the meaning of the feelings they had between themselves..

Same kind of things happening around in my personal life too…nothing related to love but related to the title of movie…socha na tha….unexpected things are happening and unfortunately this time bad things are happening…but that’s how life is right? haha.. Just trying to make myself smile…


  1. hi deep,
    i have seen the movie as u did. But it was a whole diff story. I had it in E-Square, a multiplex here in Pune, premier show. Basically i was there to see (hot) Ayesha Takia. Unfortunately she couldn’t come and the movie seemed to be a crap as i expected a lot.

    I had it then on hard disk around 3 minths back. And it has stayed till no. Watchin’ again and again is not at all difficult. Specially when she says “Tum bilkul dhakkan ho”. What say?

  2. Hey Deep,

    I watched the movie too. Feel the same way. It was very unconventional (different) and fun.


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