PHP Based Google Sitemaps Generator

I came across this great app called phpSitemapNG couple of days back when I was searching for some PHP based application which can generate xml file for Google Sitemaps

You just have to install this application on your server, there is nothing much to install, just need to change CHMOD of few files and get the things rolling… πŸ™‚

This app is just too powerful…it scans each and every file hosted on the server, of course it has option exclude file types and folders (some common folder names and file types are already added in exclude list)…..

It has plugin support also, so you can just create plugin for your application according to your needs and get the things rolling πŸ™‚

Their next version is going to have option to include remote sites so that sitemaps can be managed from centralized location….

The man behind this application, Tobias, is a pretty cool guy…now I have him on my messenger too πŸ™‚ He is currently looking for some people to contribute their plugins, he has also put up current requirements page, see if you can contribute something and make that app. much more powerful πŸ™‚


  1. A couple of days back I cam across a software called Google Sitemaps Generator from Coffee Cup,

    I installed the demo, it was good but did not include all pages in the map.

    The ‘sent sitemap to Google’ button wont work in Demo πŸ™

  2. aah just download the xml file and upload it to ur site and then submit to google has some optin to submit sitemaps

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