Shut your mouth and stand up!!!!

That’s what I feel when national anthem start in the theaters. I am still trying to find out the relationship between movies and national anthem.

People say that they play national anthem to develop feeling of patriotism in people but can anyone tell me how can it help to do so? I totally disagree with it, people stand in the theatre not because they have patriotism but they stand up because THEY HAVE TO, they stand up because everyone stands, they stand up because it’s a bloody stupid rule.

Patriotism can not be developed by force, I too have patriotism for my country and I respect my national anthem a lot but playing the same every time when I go for more movies just develops anger against the ones who have set this rule. (Do they ever take opinion of people before creating such kind of rules?)

Just imagine you went to watch some adult film like Murder, Basic Instinct or whatever and before that our national anthem starts, it feels like you have to say Jai Hind every time before watching porn (or may be semi porn) lol

No wonder if government passes the rule to play national anthem before starting any serial on TV, just to develop patriotism in everyone.


  1. Totally with you on that man!! It’s dumbest law I’ve ever come across. First, they are assuming that we are not patriotic and then forcing the national anthem down our throats in an attempt to infuse patriotism in us. How stupid!! 😐

    The government is always more interested in lame laws such as this and several others (eg: ban on dance bars) rather than focussing on the real problems. At a time when they should have been thinking of ways to prevent a repeat of July 26, they passed a bill to ban dance bars. WTF!!!

  2. 1st its not compulsion to stand up , if u respect then stand it , if u get irritated by the national anthem , then how do u say u like the n.a. :p ……… no hard feelings but its just a small think which is imposed …… i hope this isnt deleted or editied or moderated in anyways thx.

  3. Hi,
    I do not get irritated by the national anthem but I get irritated if it is played every time

    And I stand because everyone stands and I do not want to be star in the crowd lol don’t want people to stare at me like crazy….saying look at that ass what does he think of himself…..haha…

    Take this example:

    You like song summer of 69 by Bryan Adams but if your friend plays the same song every time you go out with him then you won’t love it….

    Just imagine, standing for the national anthem for no reason..


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