I tie rakhi to my friend’s pets..

When someone say that it pisses me off…I read in today’s After Hrs. in DNA about it… some model called Bhairavi Goswami said…”I tie rakhi to my friends’ pets. My pets are always included in every occasion. Even if there is a puja in the house they are given prasad”

Why people act so stupid and make statements like this? To just draw attention of people?


  1. This is nothing, somebody recently had two dogs married off in complete hindu rituals, etc…

    Imagine that stupidity.

  2. they are just statements made to make people go..”OH..HOW CHWEET SHE IS ?” , the funniest thing is the celebrities live in a world where acting stupid becomes a way of life…really sad,coz if they were amongst us now…we’d have a ball of a time laughin our heads out at them…they go with the “i do this , and i do that and my cat sleeps with me…nd crap”…god help these people…being normal is surely a gift…thank god we are blessed with it’

  3. yup seriously, thank god that we are normal…
    no wonder if that female tmrw. declares that I am going to marry my friend’s pet coz there are no good men on the earth haha

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